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642-813 Q&A – New Questions (6-10) (March, 2012)

Section 7 – New Questions (March, 2012)

In the event that two devices need access to a common server, but they cannot communicate with each other, which security feature should be configured to mitigate attacks between these devices?
A.    port security
B.    dynamic ARP inspection
C.    DHCP snooping
D.    private VLANs
E.    BPDU guard
Answer: D

Which statement best summarizes how DHCP snooping works?
A.    DHCP snooping validates the header information of all DHCP replies and only allows the reply through if
it has a matching request in the DSRT.
B.    DHCP snooping validates all DHCP responses from all switch ports and only allows packets through if
the destination port sent a DHCP request in the last 5 seconds.
C.    DHCP snooping validates all DHCP responses from all switch ports and only allows packets through if
the destination port specifically sent a DHCP request.
D.    DHCP snooping determines which switch ports are trusted and can source all DHCP messages.
Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. The lightweight wireless architecture splits the processing of the 802.11 data and management protocols and the access point functionality between the access point and the WLANcontroller using split MAC approach. Which three functionalities are handled by the WLAN controller?(Choose three.)
A.    the transmission of beacon frames
B.    the portions of the protocol that have real-time requirements
C.    the response to Probe Request frames from clients
D.    802.11 authentication
E.    802.11 association and re-association (mobility)
F.    802.11 frame translation and bridging
Answer: DEF

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the minimal VRRP configuration, which VRRP command issued on RTA will ensure that RTA is the master virtual router?

A.    vrrp 100 priority 0
B.    vrrp 100 priority 1
C.    vrrp 100 priority 100
D.    vrrp 100 priority 254
E.    vrrp 100 preempt
F.    no vrrp 100 preempt
Answer: E

Which method enables GLBP to forward traffic from a LAN segment via multiple routers simultaneously?
A.    Clients need to have different default gateway IP addresses coded.
B.    Separate GLBP groups are coded on the routers.
C.    The AVG assigns different virtual MAC addresses.
D.    Multiple AVG designated routers respond to ARP requests.
E.    Proxy ARP allows multiple routers to respond to ARP requests from clients.
Answer: C

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