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Download Free Citrix 1Y0-A05 PDF and VCE Updated Today (31-40)

31: Scenario: Users complain that when opening a document in an application that contains a graphic it takes too long for the graphic to appear and the session appears hung while the graphic loads. High resolution is NOT necessary for the users. What could the administrator do to improve the graphical response time?

A.Enable cache images to make scrolling smoother.
B.Disable cache images to make scrolling smoother.
C.Set SpeedScreen Progressive Display compression level to a level higher than image acceleration compression level.
D.Set SpeedScreen Progressive Display compression level to a level lower than image acceleration compression level.

Correct Answers: C

32: Scenario: An administrator of a Citrix XenApp farm needs to deliver Citrix XenApp plugins to users. It is a small environment and the administrator does NOT have a delivery tool. Some desktops are part of workgroups in branches, while other desktops are members of an Active Directory domain. Of the listed options, the administrator should deliver the plugins through __________ with the least administrative effort. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.a network share
B.FTP to the desktop
C.application streaming
D.Active Directory group policy

Correct Answers: A

33: Which SpeedScreen technology can be adjusted using Citrix policies?

A.Flash Acceleration
B.Image Acceleration
C.Browser Acceleration
D.Multimedia Acceleration

Correct Answers: B

34: To override the delivery protocol for applications streamed to the client, an administrator should create a policy to force ___________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.server access
B.application installation
C.installation on Windows CE devices
D.the amount of bandwidth allocated to streamed applications

Correct Answers: A

35: Scenario: An administrator needs to deliver a common set of productivity applications within the Marketing department. IT has recently issued new Windows-based laptops to all users in the Marketing department. The user population works in environments where remote connectivity is NOT available at all times. None of the applications have been installed on the Citrix XenApp servers.Which delivery option should the administrator configure for this environment?

A.Streamed to client
B.Accessed from a server
C.Streamed if possible, otherwise streamed to server
D.Streamed if possible, otherwise installed application

Correct Answers: A

36: An administrator has been tasked with deploying Microsoft Office 2007 to 20 Citrix XenApp Servers within a farm. Which method of deployment would take the least amount of time to complete and be the easiest to maintain?

A.Install Office 2007 on each server individually.
B.Create an application profile for Office 2007 and stream it to the clients.
C.Create an application profile for Office 2007 and stream it to the Citrix XenApp servers.
D.Create an application profile for Office 2007 and deploy it using an Active Directory GPO.

Correct Answers: C

37: Scenario: An administrator is in charge of a mixed Citrix XenApp farm based on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 as well as Windows XP and Windows Vista devices. Several applications which will be delivered by means of streaming will only run on Windows XP.In order to ensure the streamed applications will function correctly on the appropriate device, the administrator should profile the applications based on Windows __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

C.Server 2003
D.Server 2008

Correct Answers: A

38: An administrator must stream applications to Windows Vista laptops from a Citrix XenApp farm.Which three steps must the administrator take to create the applications for streaming? (Choose three.)

A.Copy the application to a XenApp server.
B.Copy the application profile to the file server.
C.Profile the application on a Windows Vista desktop.
D.Profile the application on Windows Server 2008 server.
E.Publish the application by entering the UNC path of the application profile.
F.Publish the application by entering the UNC path of the application executable.

Correct Answers: B C E

39: Scenario: An administrator must configure all existing published applications and desktops with encryption and ensure it is enforced each time a connection is made to the published resource. Clients use the Citrix XenApp plugin to connect to published resources.Which step must the administrator take to ensure ICA session traffic is encrypted in all circumstances?

A.Enable encryption in the application properties.
B.Enable SSL and TLS Protocols in the application properties.
C.Disable Allow All Other Connections in the application properties.
D.Disable Allow All Connections in the Terminal Services Configuration tool.

Correct Answers: A

40: An administrator needs to upgrade an application published on Citrix XenApp and plans to prevent users from trying to access that application during the upgrade.Which two settings under the application properties can the administrator use to achieve this? (Choose two.)

A.Disable the application
B.Remove the shortcuts
C.Hide the disabled application
D.Change the application type to streamed application

Correct Answers: A C

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