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Download Free Citrix 1Y0-A05 PDF and VCE Updated Today Part:B (21-30)

21: Scenario: An environment consists of two Citrix XenApp farms, each consisting of twelve Citrix XenApp servers. The user community consists of internal, telecommuter, and three vendors that connect to the Citrix XenApp environment on a regular basis. All users are running Windows XP and Internet Explorer.
The following is a list of requirements:
Minimal administrative configuration
Seamless integration into the Start menu
Application delivery for published applications available to all users
Which step should the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario?

A.Install the Native client.
B.Configure a XenApp Web site.
C.Install the Embedded Native client.
D.Configure a XenApp Services site.

Correct Answers: D

22: Scenario: Users at a remote site use Citrix XenApp to connect to mission-critical applications. They are required to copy clipboard, TWAIN and hard drive data between the client and the server. In order to ensure sessions have sufficient bandwidth over a congested WAN link, an administrator has decided to restrict the clipboard, TWAIN and hard drive channels to consume no more than 40% of the overall session limit. Based on a network calculation, each user has 200Kbps of bandwidth available to them.Which action can the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario?

A.Configure Session Limits
B.Enable content redirection
C.Configure ICA-TCP settings
D.Enable SpeedScreen Progressive Display

Correct Answers: A

23: SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration can be configured through __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

B.farm properties
C.server properties
D.ICA configurations

Correct Answers: B C

24: After an administrator implemented several new policies, a user reports that he cannot see client drives or printers when connecting to the Citrix XenApp farm.What can the administrator use to verify which policies are in conflict?

A.Report Center
B.Diagnostic Facility
C.Policy Search Engine
D.Terminal Services Configuration

Correct Answers: C

25: Users at a Real Estate company experience poor picture quality when manipulating high-detail property pictures with published three-dimensional software. Which SpeedScreen solution should be configured to optimize the user experience and how?

A.Progressive Display in the same policy rule as Image Acceleration
B.Multimedia Acceleration in the same policy rule as Image Acceleration
C.Flash Acceleration in the server properties page in the Access Management Console
D.Browser Acceleration in the server properties page in the Access Management Console

Correct Answers: A

26: How can an administrator turn off a policy rule without having to edit every policy that contains that rule?

A.Delete the policy.
B.Change the policy to deny.
C.Lower the priority of the policy.
D.Change the rule in the highest priority policy to disabled.

Correct Answers: D

27: Scenario: An administrator of a Citrix XenApp farm needs to deliver Citrix XenApp plugins to the users. It is a small environment and the administrator does NOT have a delivery tool. All desktops are part of the Active Directory domain.From the listed options, the administrator should deliver the plugins through _______, resulting in the least amount of administrative effort. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.a network share
B.FTP to the desktop
C.application streaming
D.Active Directory group policy

Correct Answers: D

28: Scenario: Users experience poor picture quality of animations played in published web applications. They also notice that when they have several applications open at the same time, certain applications tend to become affected by activity from another application. Which SpeedScreen Flash Acceleration option should the administrator select to resolve this issue?

A.All connections
B.Do not optimize
C.JPEG compression
D.Buffer compression

Correct Answers: A

29: Scenario: In order to improve the performance of multimedia streamed from a Citrix XenApp server to a client, an administrator considers enabling SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration. Which two of the listed outcomes could result from enabling SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration? (Choose two.)

A.Increased audio security
B.Reduced server CPU load
C.Encrypted server to client graphics
D.Reduced network bandwidth consumption
E.Improved quality Flash animations when streamed through a web browser

Correct Answers: B D

30: Scenario: Users complain that when opening a document in an application that contains a graphic it takes too long for the graphic to appear and the session appears hung while the graphic loads. High resolution is NOT necessary for the users. What could the administrator do to improve the graphical response time?

A.Enable cache images to make scrolling smoother.
B.Disable cache images to make scrolling smoother.
C.Set SpeedScreen Progressive Display compression level to a level higher than image acceleration compression level.
D.Set SpeedScreen Progressive Display compression level to a level lower than image acceleration compression level.

Correct Answers: C

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