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Free Download Avaya 3101 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE (41-50)

The main server has failed and several G650 gateways have reconnected to alternate servers.
What mechanism controls G650 failover?

A.    H.248 Link Bounce timer
B.    H.323 Link Bounce timer
C.    IPSI priority list administered on theLSP
D.    IPSI priority list administered on the ESS

Answer: D

You are performing an update of Communication Manager Messaging (CMM).
How do you update the Communication Manager Messaging software beginning in release 6.0.1?

A.    Download the current Service Pack from support.avaya.com or p1ds.avaya.com and apply it via
B.    System Platform Console Domain under Server Management > Patch Management
C.    Choose the latest update file from the list of updates, available on the Communication Manager
server hard drive and double-click to Install.
D.    Download the current Service Pack from support.avaya.com or pids-avaya.com and apply it the
System Management Interface
E.    Download the current Remote field Updates from support.avaya.com and apply it via the system
Management Interface.

Answer: B

When using SIP integration for Communication Manager Messaging and fax Messaging is going to be used, to what should the mode for fax on the ip-codec-set form be set?

A.    Relay
B.    T.38-standard
C.    T.30-standard
D.    Standard

Answer: B

It is 10 AM and you are responsible For maintaining a Communication Manager System. Your local electric company just Informed you that there will be a power outage between 6-10 PM tonight. At 1PM you are expected to add equipment, extensions, and mailbox for four temporary workers who are working onsite through tomorrow afternoon. Your regular CM (full) backup is
scheduled for 9 PM but it does not include CMM.
What information should you save, at what Interface, and when to ensure that there are no problems tomorrow morning?

A.    Save translations at the SAT at 5 PM
B.    Perform full CM backup and CMM backup (all categories) at CM SMI at 5 PM.
C.    Perform full CM backup from the CM SMI at 5 PM.
D.    Perform full CM backup at the CM SMI immediately
E.    Save translations at the SAT and perform a CMM backup at the C MM SMI at 2 PM.

Answer: B

You need to perform an encrypted backup of all the data types from Monday through Friday. You want to ensure that a recurring backup is done using FTP and it begins at 9:30 AM.
From the Administration/ Server (Maintenance) menu, which option should you choose?

A.    Backup Now > Select Full Backup radio button > ftp Method > Select Encryption > Start Backup
B.    Backup Now > Select specify data sets and checkbox Messaging > ftp Method > Days of week =
Monday through Friday > Start Time = 9:30 > Add New Schedule
C.    Schedule Backup > Add > Select Specify Data sets and checkbox Messaging > ftp Method >
Select Encryption > Days of Week = Monday through Friday > start time = 9:30 > Add new schedule
D.    Schedule Backup > Add > Select Specify Data Sets > ftp method > Days of Week = Monday
through Friday > Start Time = 9:30 > Add new schedule

Answer: C

Communication Manager Messaging (CMM) is down and upon checking the communication Manager Alarm log you find several trunk alarms associated with CMM trunk group.
Which document will be the most helpful to determine the meaning of alarm?

A.    Avaya Aura Communication manager Server Alarms
B.    Avaya Aura Communication manager Messaging Alarms and Errors
C.    Implementing Avaya Aura Communication Manager Messaging
D.    Maintenance Alarms for Avaya Aura Communication Manager, media gateways and servers

Answer: A

Which two statements are true about shuffling? (Choose two.)

A.    Improves voice quality by directly connecting only same-model IP endpoints
B.    Improves resource allocation by bypassing the TN Media Processor/Resource circuit pack
C.    Improves voice quality by dynamically directing media conversion to all available resource
D.    Administered system-wide on the System Parameters Features form
E.    Administered on individual station form

Answer: BE

Which non-Communication Manager tool or interface is helpful in monitoring virtual machines like Communication Manager Release 6.0?

A.    Avaya Fault and Performance Manager
B.    Avaya Site Administration
C.    Avaya Network Management Console
D.    Avaya Aura?System Platform

Answer: D

Avaya Communication Manager uses Network Regions for network bandwidth efficiency and to help ensure voice quality.
Which statement describes the group for which Network Regions was designed?

A.    A group of similar IP endpoints that confirm to the same Dial Plan
B.    A group of similar IP endpoints using IP Media Processor (TN2302AP) or IP Media Resource
320 (TN2602AP) boards
C.    A group of similar IP endpoints that share the same VoIP and signaling resources
D.    A group of similar IP endpoints in the same branch location

Answer: C

Avaya Aura Communication Manager Maintenance Objects (MOs) have a distinctive, all- capitalized syntax, for example CO-TRK.
What kind of on-board alarms do maintenance Objects that begin with “MG” such as MG-BRI, MG- DSI, and MG-VOIP indicate?

A.    Application layer
B.    physical layer
C.    virtual Layer
D.    Transport layer

Answer: B

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