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[2016-New] Lead2pass 100% Valid 1Z0-330 Exam Questions PDF Free Download

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The compensation administrator wants to run the batch process to administer the compensation cycle. Which are the four valid batch processes in terms of the compensation module? (Choose four.)

A.    Start Workforce Compensation Cycle
B.    Refresh Workforce Compensation Data
C.    Transfer Workforce Compensation Data to HR
D.    Adjust Workforce Compensation Enrollment Window
E.    Back Out Workforce Compensation Data
F.    Evaluate Workforce Compensation Participation

Answer: ABCD

Contingent workers are ineligible as per the eligibility rules defined for your organization’s compensation plan. The compensation plan cycle is started. As is the standard practice, the compensation administrator schedules the "Refresh Workforce Compensation Data" nightly.
A worker who was a contingent worker is now an employee of the organization and the next day shows up in Manager’s worksheet. How is this possible? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    Track Ineligible Workers is selected in the compensation plan.
B.    Show Ineligible Workers is selected in the compensation plan.
C.    Hide Ineligible Workers is selected in the compensation plan.
D.    Process Ineligible Workers is selected in the compensation plan.

Answer: D

While you are setting up Stock Details, you notice that the details you entered are different from the ones showing up in system.
What could have been the possible reasons for this? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    You may have forgotten to save the changes made.
B.    Another administrator might have accessedthese settingsafter you have saved it.
C.    Network connectivity issue may have hindered your data being sent to the server.
D.    You do not have the privileges to change Stock Details.

Answer: C

During the Compensation Review cycle for the year 2014-15, the manager processes his direct reports compensation changes per the model created by him. After making the changes in the worksheet, the manager submits the proposed changes to the next level manager in the hierarchy for approval. What will the Manager status appear as in the workforce compensation area? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    In Approvals
B.    Processed
C.    Fully Approved
D.    Submitted
E.    Work in Progress

Answer: A

A corporation started giving performance bonuses to eligible employees on a monthly basis.
As a compensation administrator, you are required to display performance bonuses with similar or related compensation items.
How will you configure this requirement in the Fusion application? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    Attach performance bonuses to similar compensation items.
B.    Attach performance bonuses to similar compensation categories/subcategories.
C.    Attach performance bonuses to similar elements.
D.    Attach performance bonuses to similar sources.

Answer: A

After creating a compensation plan and eligibility profiles, you are currently modeling the budget allocation. The HR manager informs you that one employee under Supervisor 1 has been seconded to a different country on a temporary basis with no changes to his employment terms and that this employee must be removed from the budgeting exercise.
What is the correct way of achieving this? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    Use the Edit button in the Employee’s included area while creating a model to exclude the employee.
B.    Modify the eligibility profile by using a formula to exclude the employee from appearing under Supervisor 1. After the compensation cycle is completed,revert the eligibility profile to its original from, if needed.
C.    Advise Supervisor 1 not to allocate any compensation for the employee. In the meanwhile, manually adjust the budget allocated to Supervisor 1 to exclude the employee’s amount.
D.    Use the Include check box next to the employee’s name in the Budget worksheet to exclude the employee from the cycle.

Answer: C

Identify the four components that can be included in a fast formula. (Choose four.)

A.    Output statement
B.    Input statement
C.    Comments
D.    Assignment statements
E.    Symbolic variables
F.    Conditions

Answer: BCDF

The compensation plan that is implemented for your customer has a column that defaults based on a dynamic column. However, as per the customer’s requirement, if the value in this column is manually updated in the worksheet by a manager, there should not be any further changes made to it automatically when the "Refresh Data" process is run. How can a compensation administrator achieve this? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    by setting up the properties of the column as updatable only once
B.    by deselecting the Refresh Data triggering event in the dynamic column
C.    by deselecting the Start Compensation Cycle triggering event in the dynamic column
D.    by deselecting the ChangeWorksheet Data triggering event in the dynamic column

Answer: C

Your client’s organization is a multi-country organization with headquarters in the US.
All employees are covered under one global compensation plan. However, the managers in each country want to administer compensation in their country’s respective currency.
How would you enable this feature? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    Set the preferred currency in the worksheet.
B.    Enable Currency Switching.
C.    Display the corporate currency.
D.    Use fast formula to display the employee currency using conversion rates.

Answer: B

A corporation is implementing Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation and needs to set up compensation history.
Identify the three correct options regarding the various compensations shown in the history.
(Choose three.)

A.    Compensation history displays six categories of compensation.
B.    Compensation history automatically retrieves salary and stock-related information.
The Recruiting payments and other categories have to be added manually.
C.    Compensation history shows one-time payments in other compensation and allowances paid
regularly in recruiting payments.
D.    The summary in the compensation history shows the data for only five years.

Answer: BCD

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