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[2017 New] MB6-890 Exam Dumps Free Download In Lead2pass 100% MB6-890 Exam Questions (16-30)

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You need to access the external resources that reside on an Internet Information Services (IIS) server instance with an established photo library.
You also need access for Microsoft Dynamics AX and other applications.
What should you use to access these resources?

A.    Adding Resources r
B.    Resource Library
C.    Label File
D.    URL Location

Answer: D

You have an X++ class, which has the following code:


You need to call checkBOM() method of the BomHierarchyCheck class from a static method class.
Which code should you write within the static method to achieve this goal?


Answer: D

You want to have a form where you can display an image in a fast tab. Which type of sub-pattern should you apply to the fast tab?

A.    Horizontal fields and Button group
B.    Section tiles
C.    Custom filters
D.    Image preview

Answer: C

You create a privilege to maintain vendor information.
To which two elements can you add the privilege? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    policies
B.    roles
C.    duties
D.    permissions

Answer: BD

You have tables named Table1 and Table2 The tables have a relation to each other.
You need to display data from both of the tables in a form.
How should you create the data source for the form?

A.    Add both of the tables into a perspective, and use the perspective as the data source.
B.    Create a new table named Table3 that has a relation to Tablel and to Table2, and use Table3 as the data source.
C.    Add both of the tables into a query, and use the query as the data source.
D.    Add both of the tables into a map. and use the map as the data source.

Answer: C

A table named VendTable contains a field named MainContactWorker. which is the reference Recid.
Many records in VendTable have the same value for MainContactWorker. Users frequently search for data in VendTable based on the MainContactWorker field.
You need to ensure that when users make Queries that include the MainContactWorker field in the where clause, the query results are returned in the least amount of time possible.
What should you create on VendTable?

A.    a Surrogate Key that is used as the primary index
B.    a unique index on MainContactWorker
C.    a non-unique index on MainContactWorker
D.    a primary index on MainContactWorker

Answer: C

You need to set up the standard properties pane for your development team.
Which two configurations can be used? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    alphabetically by property
B.    null value
C.    category
D.    alphabetically by value

Answer: AC

You need to create a base enumeration to store the different values for types of services your company offers.
You add several different service types to the enumeration. The first service type you create for the enumeration is "Cleaning".
When you look in the database, what do you see in the ServiceType column that represents the Cleaning service type?

A.    0
B.    -1
C.    A
D.    Cleaning

Answer: D

You are planning to give a presentation on Microsoft Dynamics AX to your development team.
What should you state as an advantage of creating and using labels?

A.    decreases database references
B.    provides multi-language and translation support
C.    reduces the number of pointers
D.    duplicates the value throughout the database

Answer: D

You have two classes written in X++ with the following code:
Which three methods of the DirParty class are accessible from the Write method? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution.)

A.    duplicateCurrentParty()
B.    addLocation()
C.    update()
D.    getContactlnfo()
E.    add LocationCI ientO

Answer: ABC

You need to develop a new XDS policy for employees.
You employees’ expense records.
Where should you apply the filter?

A.    Constrained tables
B.    Query
C.    Policy group
D.    Context string

Answer: D

You are developing a solution that stores purchase orders in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Each purchase order can contain multiple purchase order lines.
A purchase order line can onry be part of one purchase order.
You create two tables, named PurchTable and PurchLine. to model the entities.
PurchTable will store purchase orders, and PurchLine will store information about the purchase order lines.
Which relation should you specify between the tables?

A.    a foreign key relation on PurchLine to PurchTable
B.    a field fixed relation
C.    a related field fixed relation
D.    a foreign key relation on PurchTable to PurchLine

Answer: A

You need to determine the output of the following code:


What is the output in the Infolog after running the code?

A.    2 1
B.    6 4
C.    12 9
D.    20 16

Answer: C

You need to demonstrate the benefits of using Extended Data Types (EDTs) to your project team.
Which three points should you highlight? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    They automatically update data.
B.    They reduce rework.
C.    They create dynamic filters.
D.    They improve the readability of code.
E.    Their properties can be inherited.

Answer: BDE

What is the output of the statement?



A.    Wrong value of variableB variable
Process was cancelled.
B.    Process was cancelled.
Wrong value of variableB variable
C.    Wrong value of variableB variable
D.    Variable2 cannot have value greater than 2.
Process was aborted.

Answer: A

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