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642-813 Q&A – Mix Practice Questions (121-125)

Section 6 – Mix Practice Questions

You want to configure a switched internetwork with multiple VLANs as shown above. Which of the following commands should you issue on SwitchA for the port connected to SwitchB? (Select the best answer.)

A. switchport mode trunk
B. switchport access vlan 5
C. switchport mode access vlan 5
D. switchort trunk native vlan 5
Answer: A

Which three characteristics are true about voice traffic in the campus network? (Choose three.)
A. TCP retransmits
B. benign
C. greedy
D. drop sensitive
E. smooth
F. delay insensitive
Answer: BDE

You are tasked with designing a security solution for your network. What information should be gathered prior to designing the solution?
A. IP addressing design plans so that the network can be appropriately segmented to mitigate potential network threats
B. a list of the customer requirements
C. detailed security device specifications
D. results from pilot network testing
Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. For what purpose is the command show ip cef used?
A. to display rewritten IP unicast packets
B. to display ARP resolution packets
C. to display ARP throttling
D. to display TCAM matches
E. to display CEF-based MLS lookups
F. to display entries in the Forwarding Information Base (FIB)
Answer: F

Which two statements are true about voice VLANs? (Choose two.)
A. Voice VLANs are only used when connecting an IP phone and a host to distinct switch ports.
B. Access ports that are configured with voice VLANs will always trust the CoS that is received from IP phones.
C. Access ports that are configured with voice VLANs may or may not override the CoS value that is received from an IP phone.
D. Voice VLANs are configured using the switchport voice vlan vlan-ID interface configuration command.
E. Voice VLANs provide a trunking interface between an IP phone and an access port on a switch to allow traffic from multiple devices that are connected to the port.
F. Enabling Voice VLAN on a switch port will automatically configure the port to trust the incoming CoS markings.
Answer: CD