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642-813 Q&A – Mix Practice Questions (166-170)

Section 6 – Mix Practice Questions

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. It is displaying the AutoQos configuration that was initially applied.
B. The switch does not trust the CoS values of a Cisco IP phone attached to port Fa0/3.
C. The show auto qos command shows the user-defined QoS settings.
D. The show auto qos command does not display user configuration changes currently in effect.
E. Interface Fa0/3 trusts all CoS values.
F. The trust boundary is not on this switch.
Answer: AD

What is the effect of applying the switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q command to a port on a Cisco Catalyst switch?
A. By default, native VLAN packets going out this port will be tagged.
B. Without an encapsulation command, 802.1Q will be the default encapsulation if DTP fails to negotiate a trunking protocol.
C. The interface will support the reception of tagged and untagged traffic.
D. If the device connected to this port is not 802.1Q-enabled, it will not be able to handle 802.1Q packets.
Answer: C

What is needed to verify that a newly implemented security solution is performing as expected?
A. a detailed physical and logical topology
B. a cost analysis of the implemented solution
C. detailed logs from the AAA and SNMP servers
D. results from audit testing of the implemented solution
Answer: D

Which statement is true about voice VLANs?
A. The voice VLAN feature is enabled by default.
B. When the voice VLAN feature is enabled, all untagged voice and data traffic is sent through the voice VLAN.
C. The default CoS value is 1 for incoming voice and data traffic.
D. The IP phone overrides the priority of all incoming data traffic (tagged and untagged) and sets the CoS value to 0.
Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. The command spanning-tree guard root is configured on interface Gi0/0 on both switch S2 and S5. The global configuration command spanning-tree uplinkfast has been configured on both switch S2 and S5. The link between switch S4 and S5 fails. Will Host A be able to reach Host B?

A. Yes. Traffic can pass either from switch S6 to S3 to S2 to S1, or, from switch S6 to S5 to S2 to S1.
B. No. Traffic will pass from switch S6 to S5 and dead-end at interface Gi 0/0.
C. No. Traffic will loop back and forth between switch S5 and S2.
D. Yes. Traffic will pass from switch S6 to S3 to S2 to S1.
E. No. Traffic will either pass from switch S6 to S5 and dead-end, or traffic will pass from switch S6 to S3 to S2 and dead-end.
Answer: D

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