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642-813 Q&A – Mix Practice Questions (36-40)

Section 6 – Mix Practice Questions

Refer to the exhibit. Which of these is true based upon the output shown in the command?


A. If the number of devices attempting to access the port exceeds 11, the port will shut down for 20 minutes, as configured.
B. The port has security enabled and has shut down due to a security violation.
C. The port is operational and has reached its configured maximum allowed number of MAC addresses.
D. The port will allow access for 11 MAC addresses in addition to the 3 configured MAC addresses.
Answer: C

Which two statements correctly describe VTP? (Choose two.)
A. Transparent mode always has a configuration revision number of 0.
B. Transparent mode cannot modify a VLAN database.
C. Client mode cannot forward received VTP advertisements.
D. Client mode synchronizes its VLAN database from VTP advertisements.
E. Server mode can synchronize across VTP domains.
Answer: AD

The network operations center has received a call stating that users in VLAN 107 are unable to access resources through Router 1. From the information contained in the graphic, what is the cause of this problem?

A. VLAN 107 does not exist on switch A.
B. VTP is pruning VLAN 107
C. VLAN 107 is not configured on the trunk
D. spanning tree is not enabled on VLAN 107
Answer: B

A new building has been added to the enterprise campus network, providing client access for desktop PCs, laptops, and IP phones for employees and guests. During verification, only a few laptops using wireless are reported to have problems, while other desktops, IP phones, and most other wireless laptops are fully operational. Additional information received about the problem indicates that, while the problematic wireless laptops cannot reach internal corporate websites, they can reach the Internet. Where should troubleshooting about this connectivity issue be focused?
A. client network configuration
B. VLAN mapping
C. routing protocols
D. first-hop redundancy protocol
Answer: A

Which Cisco IOS command globally enables port-based authentication on a switch?
A. aaa port-auth enable
B. radius port-control enable
C. dot1x system-auth-control
D. switchport aaa-control enable
Answer: C