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Brocade 143-420 Exam Questions & Practice Test – Free Download

Vendor: Brocade
Exam Code: 143-420
Exam Name: Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator 16 Gbps Exam

You have a server with a Fibre Channel address of 0x241932 that is causing problems. To which physical port on the switch is the server connected?

A.    19
B.    24
C.    25
D.    32

Answer: C

You have been asked to analyze a Fibre Channel address. Which three sections make up the address? (Choose three.)

A.    area ID
B.    fabric controller ID
C.    node address
D.    name server ID
E.    Domain ID

Answer: ACE

You have a Fibre Channel address of 0x240932 and need to determine to which switch it belongs. What is the decimal value of the Domain ID of the switch?

A.    09
B.    24
C.    32
D.    36

Answer: D

You will be installing 48-port blades into your Brocade DCX Backbone and therefore shared area addressing will be used. Which two fields are used to distinguish this value? (Choose two.)

A.    Domain ID
B.    area ID
C.    WWN
D.    node address

Answer: BD

You have been asked by your co-worker to configure the Domain ID on a new Brocade 6510 switch. The Domain ID is 0xEF. What is the decimal value you would use to configure your switch with this domain?

A.    1
B.    101
C.    239
D.    255

Answer: C

In the exhibit, on which physical port is the end device attached?

A.    00
B.    01
C.    09
D.    10

Answer: C

You have an ISL between two switches. When verifying the connection using the switchshow command, which port type should be shown for the ISL?

A.    E_Port
B.    F_Port
C.    G_Port
D.    N_Port

Answer: A

Which two switch port types are expected upon successful completion of port initialization? (Choose two.)

A.    G_Port
B.    F_Port
C.    E_Port
D.    U_Port

Answer: BC

In which two situations would you use a D_Port? (Choose two.)

A.    testing data traveling over an ICL connection
B.    testing connectivity to a host
C.    testing loopback ports
D.    testing long distance cables and SFPs

Answer: CD

Which type of port will be initialized on a storage device upon attachment to a switch with successful port initialization?

A.    F_Port
B.    E_Port
C.    G_Port
D.    N_Port

Answer: D

Connecting two switches with the intention of merging them into the same fabric is accomplished through which type of port?

A.    F_Port
B.    E_Port
C.    EX_Port
D.    N_Port

Answer: B

The portshow command output indicates a port as a U_Port type. Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A.    Port status is unknown.
B.    Nothing is connected to that port.
C.    The port is a user port.
D.    The port is a universal port.
E.    The port can be initialized as an E_Port.

Answer: BDE

You are connecting a cable between two Brocade 5300 switches, but the switches are not forming an ISL between the switches. What is the reason?

A.    The ports are set to G_Port.
B.    The ISL ports did not have enough buffer credits configured.
C.    The ports are set to U_Port.
D.    The ports are set to D_Port.

Answer: D

What is true of Domain IDs within a fabric?

A.    Domain IDs must be unique.
B.    Domain IDs must be the same.
C.    Domain IDs must be sequential.
D.    Domain IDs must be between 1 and 256.

Answer: A

In the exhibit, if all switches were operating in insistent Domain ID mode, what would be the result of enabling the ICL ports?


A.    DCX1 becomes the Principal switch.
B.    The four-switch fabric does not form.
C.    The four-switch fabric successfully forms.
D.    B5100 becomes the Principal switch.

Answer: B

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