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Download Free Citrix 1Y0-A05 PDF and VCE Updated Today (41-50)

41: Scenario: Users are complaining that it takes an excessive amount of time to open attachments in their email. The administrator investigates this and realizes that the attachment application is opening on another server.After installing the applications on the same server as the email server, what should the administrator do to resolve this issue?

A.Enable session sharing.
B.Enable content redirection.
C.Configure the Load Balance Evaluator.
D.Configure connection limits in the farm properties.

Correct Answers: A

42: For which three scenarios should an administrator configure application streaming? (Choose three.)

A.Delivering an application that installs a service.
B.Delivering a web-based application to a desktop.
C.Delivering Microsoft Word to a laptop user that travels.
D.Delivering helper applications for streamed applications.
E.Delivering incompatible applications to a single Citrix XenApp server.

Correct Answers: C D E

43: Scenario: During the process of publishing an application, an administrator does NOT configure the advanced application settings. All settings on the farm and all servers are the default settings.Which two features will NOT be available for the users accessing the application? (Choose two.)

A.Connection encryption
B.Custom application icon
C.Application authentication type
D.Client to server content redirection

Correct Answers: A D

44: An administrator has enabled offline access of streamed applications to a group of users. Which two steps could the administrator take to control when Citrix XenApp caches the application? (Choose two.)

A.Schedule it from the XenApp Web site
B.Run RADEDEPLOY.EXE from the client
C.Schedule it from the Citrix Delivery Client
D.Cache at launch from the application properties

Correct Answers: B D

45: Scenario: An administrator enabled offline access for 30 days. Due to an unforeseen event a user will be offline for 40 days. The user called the administrator and asked for the license to be extended for an additional 10 days. What should the administrator do to facilitate the user’s request?

A.Update the offline access period to 40 days.
B.Leave the offline access period at 30 days and ask the user to reconnect to the network.
C.Update the offline access period to 40 days and ask the user to reconnect to the network.
D.Update the offline access period to 10 days and ask the user to reconnect to the network.

Correct Answers: B

46: Scenario: When users log on from one specific branch office, they are reporting that the behavior of their sessions is not as expected and that they cannot access their local client drives. The administrator decides to check XenApp policies.Which tool will allow the administrator to confirm which policy rules are enforced for the branch office?

A.Command prompt
B.Access Management Console
C.Terminal Services Configuration
D.XenApp Advanced Configuration

Correct Answers: D

47: Scenario: A company has one remote office. Users in the remote office access published applications on servers running Citrix XenApp over a WAN connection and often are troubled with latency and bandwidth issues. The administrator has created a policy to address the latency and bandwidth issues and wants to apply the policy to client IP addresses that correlate to the ranges assigned to client devices in the remote office.Which three steps must the administrator take to apply the policy? (Choose three.)

A.Apply the policy at client login.
B.Select the Client IP address filter.
C.Apply the filter to all client IP addresses.
D.Specify start and end ranges for IP addresses.
E.Apply the filter to a select range of client IP addresses and allow access.

Correct Answers: B D E

48: Scenario: Users are reporting slow login times when connecting to servers running Citrix XenApp and the administrator notices that the users have multiple printers on their client devices. The administrator decides to connect only the main printer when users log in.Which policy rule can the administrator use to enable this functionality?

B.Print job routing
C.Legacy client printers
D.Turn off client printer mapping

Correct Answers: A

49: Scenario: A user in the Sales department who travels frequently has the following XenApp policies applied and ranked in this order, from highest to lowest priority:
Sales_Users, which sets the encryption to 56-bit
Remote_Users, which sets the encryption to 128-bit
All_Users, which sets the encryption to 40-bit
Which encryption level will be applied when the user is traveling?


Correct Answers: B

50: Scenario: An administrator recently implemented Citrix XenApp and plans to use the shadowing feature to improve help desk activities. The administrator wants the help desk personnel to be able to shadow all users in the company domain and manipulate their sessions remotely. For security and privacy reasons, the administrator needs to ensure that users must accept shadowing before help desk personnel can shadow them.
During the Citrix XenApp installation, the administrator allowed shadowing but did NOT configure any settings for remote control or shadow acceptance. The administrator has just created a policy titled “Shadowing.”
Which three steps must the administrator take to meet the requirements of this scenario? (Choose three.)

A.Apply the policy to all users.
B.Apply the policy to help desk users only.
C.Enable permissions for all users and set status to allow.
D.Enable permisssions for all help desk users and set status to allow.
E.Enable shadowing in a policy and prohibit being shadowed without notification.
F.Enable shadowing in a policy and prohibit remote input when being shadowed.

Correct Answers: A D E

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