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Download Free Citrix 1Y0-A05 PDF and VCE Updated Today (51-60)

51: Scenario: An administrator has created three XenApp policies called Austin, Dallas and Houston.
The Austin policy sets up session printers for the Austin location based on the subnet.
The Dallas policy sets up session printers for Dallas based on user groups.
The Houston policy sets up session printers for Houston and is applied to all the servers in the farm.
As a result of these policies, if a user from Dallas is working from Austin, the user will have __________ printers. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.only the Dallas
B.only the Austin
C.the Dallas and Austin
D.the Austin, Dallas and Houston

Correct Answers: D

52: Scenario: An administrator was asked to enable configuration logging so that all administrative changes made to a Citrix XenApp farm are logged. The organization has a farm located in Los Angeles and another farm for disaster recovery located in Arizona. The requirement is to have configuration logging set up for both farms.How many configuration logging database(s) would the administrator need to set up to meet the requirements of the scenario?


Correct Answers: B

53: Scenario: An administrator plans to deliver a CPU-intensive application and has determined that CPU Utilization Management should be implemented. This will be the only application available to users on this server. Based on testing, the administrator expects to maximize each server at 40 users with the assumption that only this application is being delivered.What will be the maximum CPU slice that would be allocated to each user without affecting the server itself?


Correct Answers: A

54: Where can the Data Collector name, zone and election preference be configured?

A.Active Directory
B.Access Management Console
C.License Management Console
D.XenApp Advanced Configuration tool

Correct Answers: D

55: Scenario: An administrator is in the process of setting up a new Citrix XenApp Server farm. The administrator plans on using Microsoft SQL Server as the data store. What is the minimum database role required in order for the administrator to connect to the data store during setup?


Correct Answers: D

56: Scenario: The helpdesk receives a number of calls daily regarding frozen applications and disconnected sessions. In order to relieve the administrators of this burden, a decision has been made to allow the helpdesk the ability to perform certain administrative tasks within the farm.When delegating administrative rights to the helpdesk, which three rights will be required in order to assist with resolving the issues described above? (Choose three.)

A.Reset Sessions
B.Connect Sessions
C.Terminate Processes
D.View Session Management
E.Publish Applications and Edit Properties

Correct Answers: A C D

57: Which two options could be configured for the XML Service? (Choose two.)

A.IIS port
B.TCP/IP port
C.XML Service Trust
D.Configuration Logging

Correct Answers: B C

58: Which two types of information are contained in the data store? (Choose two.)

A.Server loads
B.Farm configurations
C.Printer configurations
D.Citrix Access Licenses

Correct Answers: B C

59: An administrator should implement a restart schedule on a server with __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.a memory leak
B.a down ICA listener
C.low page file utilization
D.high processor utilization

Correct Answers: A

60: On which set of rules is the default load evaluator based?

A.Page Faults, Load Throttling
B.CPU utilization, Page Faults
C.CPU utilization, Load Throttling
D.Server User Load, Load Throttling

Correct Answers: D

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