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Download Free Citrix 1Y0-A05 PDF and VCE Updated Today (61-70)

61: Scenario: An administrator is developing a script, which will evaluate the application load within the farm at certain intervals and page the administrator once a certain threshold for any application has been reached. Which command should the administrator run to determine the load of published applications within the farm?


Correct Answers: A

62: Scenario: An administrator configured the Hotfix Manager to monitor the Citrix Patch level for all Citrix XenApp servers in the environment. While testing, the administrator discovered that a new hotfix will have a negative impact on a specialized application. The same hotfix resolves a serious problem on all of the other servers in the farm.The administrator wants to deploy the patch to all servers except for those with the specialized application and use the Hotfix Manager to confirm that the hotfix is NOT deployed to the servers with the specialized application. Which two steps could the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario? (Choose two.)

A.Edit the hotfix list at the server level.
B.Edit the hotfix scope at the farm level.
C.Create a new hotfix list at the server level.
D.Edit the hotfix list for server comparison at the farm level.

Correct Answers: A C

63: Scenario: An administrator realizes that one of the Citrix XenApp servers has had an unusually large number of concurrent connection attempts in the last hour. Upon further investigation, the administrator discovers that a custom load evaluator is reporting high server load values. What should the administrator do to resolve this issue?

A.Log off all users and restart the server.
B.Add the Load Throttling rule to the custom load evaluator.
C.Apply the custom load evaluator to the applications on the server.
D.Configure published application properties to limit the number of connections.

Correct Answers: B

64: Which preference setting should be applied to a Citrix XenApp server that is designed to take over the role of Data Collector in the event that the current Data Collector becomes unavailable?

B.Not Preferred
C.Most Preferred
D.Default Preference

Correct Answers: A

65: An administrator enables the Print job routing rule and selected the ‘connect directly to a network print server if possible’ option for all users on the second floor of a company’s building. As a result, when printing from within a session, their print job will be routed from __________ to the print server whenever possible. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)

A.their workstation
B.the Citrix XenApp server
C.their workstation to the Citrix XenApp server
D.the Citrix XenApp server to their workstation

Correct Answers: B

66: Scenario: An administrator has added eight new network printer plotters for Citrix XenApp server users only. The plotters are all attached to the same print server. The administrator has installed and tested the drivers and printers. How would the administrator make these plotters available to users?

A.Turn off Printer mapping
B.Disable Universal Print Driver
C.Configure the Session Printer policy rule
D.Modify the Printer policy to auto-create all printers

Correct Answers: C

67: Auto-created printers are generated from _______. (Please choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)

A.all network printers
B.local client printers only
C.all locally-defined printers
D.local network printers only

Correct Answers: C

68: Scenario: An administrator is configuring printing for a new call center. All the printers in the call center are connected to a network so that they can be accessed as shared resources. The administrator wants to configure a policy so that print requests go directly from the Citrix XenApp server to the print server. Which two policy rules could the administrator configure in order to meet the requirements for the call center printing policy? (Choose two.)

A.Print job routing
B.Universal driver
C.Session printers
D.Legacy client printers

Correct Answers: A C

69: Scenario: At headquarters, where Citrix XenApp is implemented, there are five printers installed and configured by IT staff. In remote offices, users are required to install and manage local printers on their own.Which option should the administrator enable to ensure that remote users can print from published applications to the five printers and to their local printers regardless of printer model?

A.Auto-install native printer drivers
B.Auto-install the Universal Print Driver
C.Use only printer model-specific drivers
D.Use the universal printer driver only if the requested driver is unavailable

Correct Answers: D

70: Scenario: An administrator received reports from users about slow session performance when printing large documents during an ICA session. The users are connecting to the Citrix XenApp server over a WAN link. The administrator confirms that the ‘Always connect indirectly as client printer’ option within the Print job routing rule is enabled and that no other policy is conflicting or has a higher priority than this one.Which additional step can the administrator take to maintain the performance of the session when printing large documents?

A.Disable Print job routing
B.Enable Session printers
C.Disable Universal driver
D.Enable Print session limits

Correct Answers: D

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