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Download Free Citrix 1Y0-A05 PDF and VCE Updated Today Part:B (31-40)

31: Scenario: An administrator is planning a Citrix XenApp deployment. The administrator will use application streaming and would like the applications to appear as icons on the users’ Start menus. The clients will be a mixture of Windows XP and Windows Vista 32-bit edition.Which two client components are required to meet the requirements of this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.Web Interface
B.Program Neighborhood
C.Citrix XenApp Web Plugin
D.Citrix XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps
E.Citrix XenApp Plugin for Streamed Apps

Correct Answers: D E

32: Scenario: A policy called Houston_Printers contains the session printers for the Houston office. It is currently filtered by IP address. A user in the Houston office connects remotely and needs to print reports locally for other users in the Houston office. Which filter should the administrator use to apply this policy?

C.Client Name
D.Client IP Address

Correct Answers: A

33: Scenario: An administrator of a large corporation is receiving reports from the Marketing department that their session performance degrades substantially when they are working from home or a branch office. After investigation, the administrator confirms that the majority of their work involves high resolution graphic files which reside on file servers in the data warehouse. Users need to see the pictures to ensure their correct placement on advertisements and editorial features.What should the administrator configure for the Marketing department to allow better performance of user sessions from home or the branch office?

A.Session bandwidth through a policy
B.SpeedScreen Image Acceleration with a bandwidth threshold limit
C.SpeedScreen Image Acceleration with no bandwidth threshold limit
D.SpeedScreen Image Acceleration with heavyweight compression, no bandwidth threshold limit

Correct Answers: B

34: Click the Help button for instructions on how to complete a Drag and Drop item.
Drag the steps to place them in the correct order to profile an application.


Correct Answers:


35: Scenario: An administrator is configuring a new XenApp environment to support remote and streamed applications. Some of the applications will be installed on servers in the farm and other applications will be streamed to servers or desktops, and will be accessed by users through Web Interface. How should the administrator enable access to the applications?

A.Configure one XenApp Web site to use dual mode streaming.
B.Configure one XenApp Services site to use dual mode streaming.
C.Enable offline licensing for the servers where streaming is enabled.
D.Configure the Citrix Delivery Protocol policy in order to force streamed delivery.

Correct Answers: A

36: Scenario: An administrator added a suite of applications to a farm. While monitoring the farm, the administrator notices that users are opening the applications on various servers. Session sharing is NOT enabled. Which two steps must the administrator take to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A.Enable content redirection.
B.Set all the applications to the same encryption level.
C.Ensure the applications have the same color resolution.
D.Add all the applications to the same client application folder.

Correct Answers: B C

37: Scenario: An administrator is profiling three applications that have versioning conflicts and cannot be installed on the same workstation. All three applications integrate with Microsoft Office.Which profiling method can the administrator implement to enable the applications to run together on a single workstation with the least amount of administrative effort?

A.Create one profile containing all four applications.
B.Create three application profiles, each including Microsoft Office.
C.Create the Microsoft Office profile and then create one profile for the three applications and link it to the Microsoft Office profile.
D.Create the Microsoft Office profile and then create three profiles, one for each of the three applications and link each profile to the Microsoft Office profile.

Correct Answers: D

38: Which two capabilities does Windows desktop streaming provide in a Citrix XenApp farm? (Choose two.)

A.Allow the applications to be managed centrally but run distributed
B.Allow distributed management of applications but allows them to run centrally
C.Utilize the resources of the Citrix XenApp farm first and then the resources of the desktop
D.Utilize the resources of the desktop first and then the resources of the Citrix XenApp farm

Correct Answers: A D

39: Scenario: An administrator publishing a streaming application is concerned that some of the users accessing this application might NOT be able to stream the application to their client device. The application has NOT been installed on a Citrix XenApp server and only a profile is available to be streamed.Which option can the administrator enable for this application to be available to all users?

A.Streamed to client
B.Accessed from a server
C.Streamed if possible, otherwise streamed to server
D.Streamed if possible, otherwise installed application

Correct Answers: C

40: An administrator needs to upgrade an application published on Citrix XenApp and plans to prevent users from trying to access that application during the upgrade.Which two settings under the application properties can the administrator use to achieve this? (Choose two.)

A.Disable the application
B.Remove the shortcuts
C.Hide the disabled application
D.Change the application type to streamed application

Correct Answers: A C

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