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Download Free EXIN MOFF PDF and VCE Updated Today

Vendor: EXIN
Exam Code: MOFF
Exam Name: Microsoft Operations Framework Foundation

What is a process within the Service Monitoring and Control SMF?

A.    Continuous monitoring
B.    Purge event logs
C.    Service monitoring requirements
D.    Static monitoring definition

Answer: A

Does the concept ision?identify what a project team can accomplish within its constraints?Does the concept ?ision?identify what a project team can accomplish within its constraints?

A.    Yes
B.    No

Answer: B

Does the Team SMF ensure that someone is ultimately accountable for the work required in the Plan Phase?

A.    Yes
B.    No

Answer: A

Which SMF has ‘Filter the problem’ as a process step?

A.    Customer Service
B.    Service Monitoring and Control
C.    Operations
D.    Problem Management

Answer: D

What does the Reliability SMF process flow include?

A.    Assess, monitor and control risk
B.    Define service requirements
C.    Ensure good service
D.    Maintain work instructions

Answer: B

The Change and Configuration Management SMF has a set of processes assigned to it. Which process is the first in order?

A.    Approve the change
B.    Baseline the configuration
C.    Classify the Change
D.    Initiate the Change

Answer: B

Which Management Review evaluates IT staff performance and operational efficiency?

A.    Operational Health review
B.    Policy & Control review

C.    Release Readiness review
D.    Service Alignment review

Answer: A

What is compliance?

A.    An application of risk management that ensures IT’s conformance with company-specific policies, governmental regulations and laws
B.    A design that involves understanding the business requirements and defining the features that users
need to do their job
C.    A plan that aligns an organization objectives into a cohesive approach to deliverservices that support business strategyA plan that aligns an organization? objectives into a cohesive approach to deliver services that support business strategy
D.    A state that occurs when the technical and business goals of the IT organization match the goals of the overall business

Answer: A

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