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Free Download Adobe 9A0-182 Practice Exams with PDF & VCE

Vendor: Adobe
Exam Code: 9A0-182
Exam Name: Flex 4.5 ACE Exam

Which components can a Spark Group take as child objects?

A.    Components that derive from the Component class
B.    Components that implement the IVisualElement interface
C.    Components that derive from the GraphicElement class
D.    Components that implement the IUIComponent interface

Answer: D

Which one of the following is true about the typicalItem property?

A.    By defining a typicalItem, a container does not have to size each child as it is drawn on the screen
B.    The typicalItem may only be used with the Spark Grid and Spark DataGrid
C.    If no typicalItem is used, by default a control will use the last item in the dataProvider as the typical data item
D.    The typicalItem is defined inline, and not as an object to which the typicalItem is bound

Answer: A

Which two sets of skin classes does the Flex framework provide for the Spark Form and Spark FormItem controls? (Choose two.)

A.    Default horizontal layout
B.    Stacked
C.    Default vertical layout
D.    Basic
E.    Sequential

Answer: AB

You want to create a CSS rule that styles the Spark TextInput component. Your CSS document has the following namespace declaration:
@namespace s "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark";
Which correctly declares a CSS rule for the Spark TextInput component?

A.    s|TextInput {}
B.    s-TextInput {}
C.    spark|TextInput {}
D.    spark-TextInput {}

Answer: A

Which declaration uses the correct syntax to define a style namespace for the components in the components.view package?

A.    namespace|comp components.view.*
B.    namespace comp "components.view.*"
C.    @namespace comp components.view.*
D.    @namespace comp "components.view.*"

Answer: D

You want to create a drop shadow on the Spark label myLabel. Which syntax is correct?

A.    <fx:Script> myLabel.setStyle(dropShadow, "true"); </fx:Script> <s:label id="myLabel"/>
B.    <s:Label id="myLabel" dropShadowEnabled="true"/>
C.    <s:Label id="myLabel" dropShadow="enabled"/>
D.    <s:Label id="myLabel" filters="{[new DropShadowFilter(10, 45)]}"/>

Answer: D

Which two choices will allow you to apply a skin to a component at compile time? (Choose two.)

A.    Use the setStyle method in a Script block
B.    Use the skin attribute in the MXML used to instantiate the component
C.    Use the skinClass attribute in the MXML used to instantiate the component
D.    Use the skin property in the CSS attached to the application
E.    Use the skinClass style in the CSS attached to the application

Answer: CE

Which two classes can be extended to create a skin? (Choose two.)

A.    ComponentSkin
B.    Skin
C.    SkinSpark
D.    SkinClass
E.    SparkSkin

Answer: BE

Which MXML attribute specifies the visual implementation that a Spark component will display?

A.    skin
B.    skinClass
C.    layout
D.    displayClass

Answer: B

You have created a SparkSkin class for a Button component called ButtonSkin in the skins package. Which MXML statement correctly applies this skin class to a Spark Button?

A.    <s:Button skinClass="ButtonSkin" />
B.    <s:Button styleName="ButtonSkin" />
C.    <s:Button skinClass="skins.ButtonSkin"/>
D.    <s:Button class="skins.ButtonSkin" />

Answer: C

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