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Free Download Avaya 3101 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE (21-30)

An IP telephone is registered and has dial tone, but Telephones In the same work area work properly.
What Is the likely source of the problem?

A.    Faulty gateway port
B.    Incorrect dial plan
C.    Station administration
D.    Trunk group administrator

Answer: C

Avaya Communication Manager 6.0 offers the Feature and Evolution server options. Which two IP station protocols do the Feature and Evolution server options support? (Choose two)

A.    SIP
B.    T.38
C.    RTP
D.    H.323
E.    UDP

Answer: AD

A user is unable to complete a call and you have initially determined that the user dialed a valid number. You have replicated the conditions and have run a list trace station report; however you would like a complementary log file to confirm the report.

A.    Logmanager debug trace
B.    Communication Manager restart log
C.    Linux syslog
D.    Linux access security log
E.    Linux scheduled task (CRON)

Answer: A

If you need to investigate increased activity or unusual usage patterns, such as a heavy call volume on ports assigned to out-calling in Communication Manager Messaging, which report will help establish traffic trends?

A.    Network Load Daily Traffic Report
B.    Remote Message Daily Traffic Report
C.    Remote Messages Hourly Traffic
D.    Traffic-Snapshot Daily Report

Answer: A

Which SAT command lists the status of LSPs and ESSs?

A.    List survivable-processor
B.    display system-parameters duplication
C.    List configuration stations
D.    status station

Answer: A

A subscriber is connected to the server through a LAN session and accesses the subscriber mailbox using an email client but is not able to download message on the client computer.
(Choose Two)

A.    Trusted Server Access = yes
B.    Trusted Server Access = no
C.    MCAPI Message Transfer = yes
D.    MCAPI Message Transfer – no
E.    MCAPI Access = yes

Answer: AC

When making a call outside of the system, a user periodically gets an audio message, “cannot complete call as dialed.”
Which commands helps diagnose this problem?

A.    busyout/release trunk
B.    status trunk- group
C.    list trace station
D.    list trace tac

Answer: C

You need to create a now mailbox so that subscriber can send priority mail messages and file attachments using Internet Messaging.
How do you enable a subscriber to send priority mail messages and file attachments using internet Messaging from the Messaging/ Administration > Subscriber Management COS Sections > PERMISSIONS > menu?

A.    Type = none
Priority Messages = yes
MCAPI Message Transfer = yes,
MCAPI Access = yes
B.    Type = call-answer,
Priority Messages ?yes
MCAPI Message Transfer — no,
MCAPI Access = yes
C.    Type – none.
Priority Messages = no,
MCAPI Message transfer = yes,
MCAPI Access = yes
D.    Type = call-answer
Priority Messages = yes,
MCAPI message transfer = yes,
MCAPI Access = no

Answer: A

Which two types of violations does the Communication Manager Security Violation Notification (SVN) feature monitor and report? (Choose two.)

A.    Media gateway login violations
B.    System Management Interface (SMI) login violations
C.    Trunk access code (TAC. violations
D.    Station security code violations
E.    Remote access barrier code violations

Answer: BE

Which linux command allows you to see what updates are currently loaded on Communication manager and CM Messaging?

A.    update_info
B.    update_display
C.    update_show
D.    update_manage

Answer: A

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