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Free Download Avaya 3101 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE (31-40)

Which two switching processes work together in an external call process setup? (Choose two)

A.    Hunt group
B.    Pickup group
C.    Trunk group
D.    signaling group
E.    Abbreviated dialing group

Answer: CD

A number of LSPs have taken over due to a network failure or a defective server, where the course is undetermined.
In which two ways can the system be returned to its normal configuration? (Choose two)

A.    Automatically, after the system clock reset
B.    Automatically, after the next savetranslation command
C.    Automatically, based on call volumes or schedule
D.    Only after incorrect administration is connected
E.    On-demand (forced. fallback

Answer: CE

A Communication Manager Messaging user reports that someone is accessing their mailbox and deleting messages.
Which logs would you check to see who logins into the mailbox and message status

A.    Administrators Log
B.    Subscriber Log
C.    Mailbox Log
D.    Activity Log

Answer: A

Occasionally, a user in network region 1 lifts the handset to call a user In network region 2, and although the active red and green lights are operable, there is no dial tone.
Which two possible causes should you investigate? (Choose two.)

A.    IP Softphone not enabled on thestation form
B.    H.323 and SIP endpoints are incompatible when used together
C.    DSP resources out of service
D.    Network Region incompatibly administered
E.    Station does not have a voice mailbox assigned

Answer: CD

In which two Interfaces can you look up a registered branch gateway serial number? (Choose two)

A.    Browse Utility Server SMI
B.    System Access Terminal (SAT)
C.    CM System Management Interface (SMI)
D.    Gateway command line
E.    Linux command line

Answer: BD

You have administered a mailbox as an auto attendant but calls are not redirected when a presses 0 or *0.
Which option is most likely cause?

A.    CALL TRANSFER OUT OP MESSAGING > Transfer Type dropdown menu > Enhanced cover
B.    CALL TRANSFER OUT OP MESSAGING > transfer Type drop-down menu > Non
C.    AUTOMATED ATTENDANT MENU> Treatment drop-down menu > call-answer.
D.    AUTOMATED ATTENDANT MENU> Treatment drop-down menu

Answer: A

Which command would you use to determine whether an LSP is registering with Communication Manager?

A.    List trace tac
B.    List trace station
C.    List trace ras
D.    list trace media-gateway

Answer: C

You are planning a Communication Manager update
What two methods can be used to determine whether the update is service affecting? (Choose two)

A.    Read the service-affecting conditions on the Patch Detail page in System Platform
B.    Read the service-affecting conditions on the Software Version page in the CM SMI
C.    Read the service-affecting conditions on the Manage Updates page in the CM SMI
D.    Read the service-affecting conditions In the PCN/PSN that accompanies the CM update.
E.    Read the service-affecting conditions on the Virtual Machine Management pages In System

Answer: AD

A user reports that the caller’s voice is loud enough but cannot be understood because of gaps in
the voice (syllables or words missing).
Which two issues can affect voice quality? (Choose two.)

A.    Network latency
B.    Packet loss or jitter
C.    MEDPRO boardsin the wrong slots.
D.    Hair pinningattempted across network regions
E.    shuffling attempted across Network Region

Answer: AB

You are calling a station and it continues to ring but does not go to voicemail. The Communication Manager Messaging hunt group number can be called and It works fine.
What can the problem be?

A.    Send all calls Is not activated at the Station
B.    Voicemail is currently down
C.    The station does not have the correct coverage option set.
D.    A portion of the voice channels show a state of MANOOS.

Answer: C

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