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Free Download Avaya 3101 Practice Tests with PDF & VCE (51-60)

How would you configure auto attendant so that mailbox number is announced first when a call connects directly into mailbox or extension?

A.    Blank
B.    Call-answer
C.    Guest-greeting
D.    Transfer
E.    Auto-attendant

Answer: B

Which action should be completed prior to installing a new service pack on Communication manager (CM)?

A.    Stop Cm
B.    Stop CMM if enabled
C.    Deactivate any existing service pack
D.    Do a save translation/reset system 4

Answer: B

Your company has received notice that Communication Manager (CM) update is available, and CM update also requires an update to System Platform (SP) How, and In what order, do you perform the updates?

A.    leave SP at current version, and then update CM only
B.    UpdateCM first, then update SP.
C.    Update SP First and then update CM
D.    Perform the updates according to the PCN/PSN.

Answer: D

A mailbox must have a valid entry in the Type Field.
Which four options can you use In the Type field for a subscriber mailbox?

A.    Call Answer, None, Broadcast, Auto-Attendant
B.    Auto-Attendant, Guest mailbox, None, Bulletin-Board
C.    Bulletin-Board, None, Announcement-control, Auto-Attendant
D.    None, Call Answer, Bulletin-board, Auto-Attendant

Answer: C

How many Call Answer ports are supported in Communication Manager Messaging 6.0?

A.    36 for CM_onlyEmbed template and 210 for CM-Simplex template
B.    24 for CM_onlyEmbed template and 250 for CM-Simplex template
C.    50 for CM_onlyEmbed template and 250 for CM-Simplex template
D.    24 for CM_onlyEmbed template and 210 for CM-Simplex template

Answer: D

A technician is initially dispatched to diagnose a system issue. A DSI connection is receiving slips and timing errors.
What steps should the technician take to diagnose the problem?

A.    Make a call, check voice quality, and reboot server
B.    Make a DS1 test call, test DS1 boards, validate administration, and contact the service provider
if necessary
C.    Test the telephones, move telephone to different circuit, and replace the telephone
D.    Test DS1 boards, move the board to different slot, and replace boards

Answer: B

Exhibit displays a list trace report on a station.


What are the Dl and D2 values for the denial events in the list trace report?

A.    Hexadecimal destination codes that are listed In the Denial Event documentation
B.    Hexadecimal data that must be converted to binary then interpreted In the Denial events document
C.    Binary destination codes that are listed in the Denial Events documentation
D.    Binary data listed in the Communication Manager Denial Events

Answer: B

You periodically run traffic measurement reports to monitor system performance. From the Administration/Messaging web interface Server reports menu, you select the following traffic measurements requirements:
Type: Feature
Cycle: Hourly
Start Date: March 1 2011 Hour 8
If today is March 3 2011, what information would you expect the report to return?

A.    All features traffic information for March at 8 hour intervals
B.    Messaging features traffic information for March 1 Hour 8
C.    Answer features traffic information for the month of March
D.    All features traffic information for March 1 Hour 8

Answer: D

Which two statements describe Inter Gateway Alternate Routing (IGAR)> (choose two)

A.    IGAR Is used In single-server system with IP WAN connected bearer traffic between port networks
or media gateways
B.    IGAR provides multiple alternate IP WAN routes based on bearer traffic and SLAs.
C.    IGAR Is multiple gateways used In multi-server systems over dedicated network segments
D.    IGAR Is used In Single-server systems with unusually high latency LAN-
E.    IGAR provides an alternate PSTN connection when the IP WAN is incapable of carrying the bearer

Answer: AE

A subscriber is locked out of the messaging system after three unsuccessful login attempts. The administrator needs to unlock the subscriber’s mailbox.
Which basic parameter from the messaging/Administration> Subscriber management > Manage > menu should the administrator edit to unlock the subscriber’s mailbox?

A.    Basic Information > Locked? = yes
B.    Basic Information > Locked = no
C.    Basic Information > password
D.    Custom COS Permissions > Trusted Server Access = yes
E.    Custom COS Permissions > Trusted Server Access = no

Answer: A

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