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Free Download Pass4sure IBM 000-619 Exam Questions

IBM Informix 12.10 System Administrator: 000-619 Exam
000-619 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 000-619
Exam Name: IBM Informix 12.10 System Administrator
Q & A: 140 Q&As

In which table can you find a history of all SQL Administration API functions executed in the last
30 days?
A. sysadmin:admin_history
B. sysmaster:admin_history
C. sysadmin:command_history
D. sysmaster:command_history
Answer: C

The following message is received: Lock table overflow – user id user32, session id 54. What
action should be taken to prevent this problem in the future?
A. Run onclean utility to clear the lock table.
B. Increase the LOCKS configuration parameter.
C. Turn on the AUTO_TUNE configuration parameter.
D. Change the DEF_TABLE_LOCKMODE configuration parameter from page to row.
Answer: B

You need to create a new role for users on stores database. Which system catalog table can be
checked to ensure the uniqueness of the new role name?
A. stores:sysusers
B. sysmaster:sysroles
C. sysuser:sysroleauth
D. sysmaster:sysusers
Answer: A

Which Informix utility is used to print information about runtime statistics for all threads in the
A. onstat -g sta
B. onstat -g act
C. onstat -g rea
D. onstat -g cpu
Answer: D

Given the following:How many locks will be used on tab1 to run the query?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. Depends on the number of index pages accessed
Answer: A

Which SQL statement is valid to monitor database server sessions?
A. EXECUTE FUNCTION task (“onstat”,”-g ses”);
B. EXECUTE FUNCTION task (“view sessions”,”all”);
C. EXECUTE FUNCTION task (“check sessions”,”all”);
D. EXECUTE FUNCTION task (“check server”,”sessions”);
Answer: A

Given the following statement: UPDATE STATISTICS LOW FOR TABLE customer
(customer_num); Which catalog table data is NOT updated?
A. sysdistrib
B. systables
C. sysindexes
D. syscolumns
Answer: A

Which two types of locks are used by Informix to access a shared memory buffer? (Choose two.)
A. Byte
B. Shared
C. Update
D. Exclusive
E. Promotable
Answer: BD

Which statement about DataBlade modules is true?
A. All DataBlades located in the $INFORMIXDIR/extend are automatically registered.
B. All built-in extensions are automatically registered when the extension is first accessed.
C. All built-in extensions are automatically registered each time the database sever is started.
D. All built-in extensions are automatically registered when the database server is first initialized.
Answer: B

What data migration tool(s) should be used to load data from a non-Informix data source?
A. dbimport
B. onload and dbload
C. dbload and High Performance Loader
D. onload and High Performance Loader
Answer: C

Role separation provides checks and balances to improve the security of your event-auditing
procedures. Which two roles must be associated with group IDs to enable role separation?
(Choose two.)
A. DBSEC: DB Security Officer
B. AAO: Auditing Analysis Officer
C. DBASO: DB Audit and Security Officer
D. DBAMO: DB Audit Management Officer
E. DBSSO: Database System Security Officer
Answer: BE

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