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Free Last Pass4sure Cisco CCNP 642-775 Exam Q&As

Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Routing Protocols (MSPRP): 642-775 Exam
642-775 Questions & Answers
Exam Code: 642-775
Exam Name: Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Routing Protocols (MSPRP)
Q & A: 85 Q&As

1.Refer to the exhibit. Which commands append a prefix of to prefix-set test ?
A. Prefix-set test
B. Prefix-set test
C. Prefix-set test,,
Answer: C

2.Which statement accurately describes the BGP community filtering in Cisco IOS Software.?
A. can be configured for IBGP neighbors only
B. can be configured for both IBGP and EBGP neighbors
C. can be configured for EBGP neighbors only
D. cannot be configured for IBGP or EBGP neighbors
Answer: B

3.What effect will the command timers throttle spf 5 1000 90000 have on an OSPF router?
A. The router dynamically reduces the frequency with which it computes the SPF tree during times of
network instability.
B. The command improves router performance by limiting the amount of CPU cycles that are consumed
over time when calculating the SPF tree.
C. When recalculating the SPF tree, the LSA update timers are changed to lessen the impact on memory
and CPU usage during LSA floods.
D. The command specifies the number of LSAs that must be received in a particular time frame before
initiating a complete SPF recalculation.
Answer: A

4.While troubleshooting a loss of connectivity, you notice the log entry
Mar 16 08:20:16 %OSPF-5-ADJCHG: Process 1. Nbr on Vlan30 from FULL to
EXSTART. SeqNumberMismatch
After logging into the device, you notice that the router seems to be stuck in the EXSTART state
When does this problem most frequently occur?
A. during startup of the OSPF process
B. during high CPU load on the router
C. when the two routers report different versions of OSPF
D. when there is a mismatch between MTU settings for neighbor router interfaces
Answer: D

5.Which Cisco IOS XR Software hierarchical Route Policy Language policy configuration uses the
existing RPL policy test ?
A. route-policy test
apply test
B. route-policy new
use test
C. route-policy new
apply test
D. route-policy new
use policy test
Answer: C

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