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Free Sharing Lead2pass Microsoft 70-410 VCE Dumps With New Update Exam Questions (111-120)

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Your company has a remote office that contains 1,600 client computers on a single subnet.
You need to select a subnet mask for the network that will support all of the client computers.
The solution must minimize the number of unused addresses.
Which subnet mask should you select?


Answer: A

You plan to deploy a DHCP server that will support four subnets.
The subnets will be configured as shown in the following table.


You need to identify which network ID you should use for each subnet.
What should you identify? To answer, drag the appropriate network ID to the each subnet in the answer area.




You work as a senior administrator at L2P.com. The L2P.com network consists of a single domain named L2P.com. All servers on the L2P.com network have Windows Server 2012 R2 installed, and all workstations have Windows 8 installed.
You are running a training exercise for junior administrators.
You are currently discussing a Windows PowerShell cmdlet that activates previously de-activated firewall rules.
Which of the following is the cmdlet being discussed?

A.    Set-NetFirewallRule
B.    Enable-NetFirewallRule
C.    Set-NetIPsecRule
D.    Enable-NetIPsecRule

Answer: B

Your network contains a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. Server1 is located on the same subnet as all of the client computers. A network technician reports that he receives a "Request timed out" error message when he attempts to use the ping utility to connect to Server1 from his client computer. The network technician confirms that he can access resources on Server1 from his client computer. You need to configure Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Server1 to allow the ping utility to connect.
Which rule should you enable?

A.    File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request – ICMPv4-In)
B.    Network Discovery (WSD-In)
C.    File and Printer Sharing (NB-Session-In)
D.    Network Discovery (SSDP-In)

Answer: A

You have a file server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2.
You need to ensure that a user named User1 can use Windows Server Backup to create a complete backup of Server1.
What should you configure?

A.    The local groups by using Computer Management
B.    A task by using Authorization Manager
C.    The User Rights Assignment by using the Local Group Policy Editor
D.    The Role Assignment by using Authorization Manager

Answer: A

Your network contains a production Active Directory forest named contoso.com and a test Active Directory forest named contoso.test. A trust relationship does not exist between the forests. In the contoso.test domain, you create a backup of a Group Policy object (GPO) named GPO1.
You transfer the backup of GPO1 to a domain controller in the contoso.com domain.
You need to create a GPO in contoso.com based on the settings of GPO1.
You must achieve this goal by using the minimum amount of Administrative effort.
What should you do?

A.    From Windows PowerShell, run the Get-GPO cmdlet and the Copy- GPO cmdlet.
B.    From Windows PowerShell, run the New-GPO cmdlet and the Import- GPO cmdlet.
C.    From Group Policy Management, create a new starter GPO. Right-click the new starter GPO, and thenclick Restore from Backup.
D.    From Group Policy Management, right-click the Croup Policy Objects container, and then click Manage Backups.

Answer: B

Your network contains an active directory forest. The forest functional level is Windows server
2012. The forest contains a single domain. The domain contains a member server named
Server1 that run windows server 2012.
You purchase a network scanner named Scanner1 that
supports Web Services on Devices (WDS).
You need to share the network scanner on Server1
Which server role should you install on Server1?

A.    Web Server (IIS)
B.    Fax Server
C.    File and Storage Services
D.    Print and Document Services

Answer: D

Your network contains an Active Directory forest named adatum.com. The forest contains a child domain named asia.adatum.com. The asia.adatum.com child domain contains a server named DHCP1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2.
You install the DHCP Server server role on DHCP1.
You have access to the administrative accounts shown in the following table.


You need to authorize DHCP1.
Which user account should you use?

A.    Admin1
B.    Admin2
C.    Admin3
D.    Admin4

Answer: B

Your network contains a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. App1 has the Print and Document Services server role installed. All client computers run Windows 8.
The network contains a network-attached print device named Printer1. From App1, you share Printer1.
You need to ensure that users who have connected to Printer1 previously can print to Printer1 if App1 fails.
What should you configure? To answer, select the appropriate option in the answer area.




You have a server named Server1. Server1 runs Windows Server 2012 R2.
Server1 has two network adapters and is located in a perimeter network.
You need to install a DHCP Relay Agent on Server1.
Which node should you use to add the DHCP Relay Agent? To answer, select the appropriate node in the answer area.




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