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Free Sharing Lead2pass Microsoft MB2-720 VCE Dumps With New Update Exam Questions(1-10)

With the complete collection of Questions and Answers, Lead2pass has assembled to take you through your MB2-720 Exam preparation. Each Q & A set will test your existing knowledge of MB2-720 fundamentals, and offer you the latest training products that guarantee you passing MB2-720 eaxm easily.

Which event information can you track in Registration records and in Attendance records?

A.    the date on which people can register for the event
B.    the contacts who attended the event
C.    the number of people permitted to attend the event
D.    the cost to attend the event

Answer: B

You create an event template.
Event organizers must provide specific information when creating events from the template.
Which entity can you use to define the information requirements in the form of a list of questions?

A.    Brief
B.    Tasks
C.    Analysis
D.    Requests

Answer: B

You need to track the current year s expenses related to public relations (PR).
The annual PR budget is $100,000.
Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Create a budget worksheet that tracks PR expenses and enter $100,000 for the current year.
B.    Create an estimate for the current year.
C.    Create a budget line item that tracks PR expenses and enter $100,000 for the current year.
D.    Create a budget workbook for the current year.

Answer: BC

Which two social media outlets can you add to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Yammer
B.    Linkedln
C.    Twitter
D.    Facebook

Answer: AC

You create a contact in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and assign the contact to the Marketing group.
Which two actions can you take with the contact? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Change the contact group to Client.
B.    Add the contact to the Vendor group.
C.    Change the contact group to Vendor.
D.    Add the contact to the Client group.

Answer: AB

As part of a marketing campaign, you send an email marketing message to the contacts associated with a marketing list.
Where can you track the performance of the email marketing message?

A.    the campaign record
B.    the Email report
C.    the marketing list
D.    the email marketing message record

Answer: B

You need to export a set of records generated by a marketing query.
Which type of file can you export the record set to?

A.    Comma delimited (*.csv)
B.    XML(*.xml)
C.    Microsoft Excel workbook (*.xlsx)
D.    Text(Mxt)

Answer: B

You are incorporating a landing page into an existing website.
How can you maintain the existing website branding?

A.    On any page of the website, create a hyperlink to the landing page URL.
B.    On any page of the website, embed an iFrame and set the iFrame source to the landing page URL
C.    Add a form to the website and configure the form to submit data to the landing page.
D.    Add a page to the website and embed the HTML code of the landing page into the page.

Answer: A

Which condition would cause a campaign automation task to fail validation?

A.    a marketing list contains no members
B.    the Scheduler is configured to perform an activity at a time and date prior to the current time and date
C.    an email activity has no associated email message
D.    the campaign has no defined automation activities

Answer: B

When does a Request for Quote (RRQ) become visible in the RFQ Responses list?

A.    when the RFQ is saved
B.    when the RFQ is created
C.    when the RFQ is submitted
D.    when the RFQ is sent to the vendor

Answer: D

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