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[Full Version] 2016 Updated Lead2pass Cisco 700-260 Exam Questions (41-50)

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I’m currently studying for Cisco exam 700-260. I do enjoy studying for exams. It’s hard, but it’s an excellent forcing function. I learn bits and pieces here and there now and then about this and that, but when I have an exam schedule for a set date, I have to study! And not only do I put in more hours, but I follow a more systematic approach. In this article, I’m going to share Lead2pass braindumps in case you too are studying and this method works for you.

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Given the award-winning resources and support that Cisco offers, with what kind of customers can partners create unique relationships?

A.    Customers who can be the first to receive new innovations
B.    Customers who can access 24-hour support around the world
C.    Customers who can earn higher margins on each deal that is sold
D.    Customers who can take advantage of incentives programs

Answer: B

Leveraging current infrastructures without buying new appliances and avoiding lengthy customizations are examples of which customer cost saver?

A.    Less time scoping a breach
B.    Faster integration
C.    Flexible licensing
D.    Fewer resources to manage

Answer: B

Which two options are business-use trends that have surfaced in the last five years, prompting a need for nontraditional security methods? (Choose two.)

A.    Substantial number of remote employees
B.    Third-party applications
C.    Partial URL and application blocking
D.    BYOD
E.    Wi-Fi connections
F.    Web and email attacks

Answer: BF

Which two options are features of Cisco Enterprise License Agreements? (Choose two.)

A.    One agreement for each part of the business
B.    Short-term lifespan under one year
C.    Unforeseen costs and fees in the future
D.    Organic growth up to 20 percent
E.    Up-front pricing
F.    Limited consumption models

Answer: DE

Which component of the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure technology solution enables centralized management for the entire solution and is a primary differentiator from the Cisco Secure Data Center virtualization and cloud?

A.    Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
B.    Cisco UCS Director
C.    Cisco Security Manager
D.    Cisco Fire SIGHT Management Center

Answer: A

Which Cisco Secure Access Control Server solution technology would you recommend to a corporation that is trying to connect computers, smart phones, and tablets in different locations to a customer network?

A.    Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services
B.    Cisco AnyConnect
C.    Cisco Advanced Malware Protection
D.    Cisco Identity Services Engine
E.    Cisco TrustSec

Answer: B

How does business case alignment improve the overall success of network integration? (Choose two.)

A.    by increasing customer satisfaction
B.    by recommending change to the customer
C.    by defining project milestones
D.    by assessing the realization of ROI and other benefits of the security system
E.    by assessing the current state of customer operations

Answer: BD

What three phases of the network lifecycle should be the focus for account managers selling security solutions? (Choose three.)

A.    optimize
B.    design
C.    prepare
D.    operate
E.    plan

Answer: ACE

Which four options are Cisco industry differentiators? (Choose four.)

A.    Uncontested threat blocking
B.    Best-in-class technologies
C.    Lowest price
D.    Unparalleled commitment to security
E.    Largest selection of security solutions
F.    Unmatched support and services
G.    Comprehensive vision for security

Answer: BDFG

Which option is a challenge that is often faced by small businesses when considering security solutions?

A.    Enterprise-level firewalls
B.    Limited budget
C.    Large numbers of overseas employees
D.    Solutions that lack email security

Answer: B

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