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[Full Version] 600-511 Exam Questions Free Download From Lead2pass (11-20)

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OpenStack integration with the Cisco APIC is provided through a plug-in to which OpenStack Project?

A.    Nova
B.    Swift
C.    Cinder
D.    Neutron
E.    Glance

Answer: D

Which two methods to scale bandwidth and capacity enable capacity planning and scaling in the ACI fabric? (Choose two.)

A.    Scale-out spine nodes for bandwidth.
B.    Increase Cisco APIC uplinks to fabric for bandwidth.
C.    Interconnect spine nodes.
D.    Scale-out leaf nodes for capacity.
E.    Leverage QoS on the Cisco APIC uplinks.

Answer: AD

Which four options are benefits of the Cisco ACI fabric and OpenStack environment? (Choose four.)

A.    ease of use for application developer
B.    application acceleration
C.    tunnel encapsulation
D.    administration and management
E.    troubleshooting
F.    southbound integration
G.    Layer 4 to Layer 7 service integration

Answer: ABCF

Which option does the Cisco ACI fabric use to support management automation, programmatic policy, and dynamic "workload-anywhere" models?

A.    distributed computing model
B.    centralized computing model
C.    closely coupled policy-based control systems and software
D.    a stateful, imperative model using OpenFlow for external communication

Answer: C

Which three options are the building blocks of Cisco ACI? (Choose three.)

A.    imperative configuration model
B.    fabric policy
C.    centralized management
D.    control-plane isolation
E.    automation
F.    a RESTful GUI interface for optimal configuration

Answer: BCE

Which three statements about the group policy model within ACI are true? (Choose three.)

A.    It is an abstracted view of application requirements.
B.    Policy is portable.
C.    Policy is based on the IP addresses of application services.
D.    Policy is extensible.
E.    Policy maintains flow information.
F.    Policy is enforced from the Cisco APIC.
G.    Policy follows the blacklist model.

Answer: ABD

Which two options are benefits of the ACI fabric beyond forwarding traffic from physical and virtual servers? (Choose two.)

A.    zero-touch provisioning of fabric switches
B.    centralized control plane
C.    decoupling of underlay and overlay
D.    applying policy independently of forwarding
E.    increased performance due to full-mesh topology

Answer: AD

Which two options are two provisions of ACI for security? (Choose two.)

A.    Security services are provided by the fabric, without the need for external appliances.
B.    ACI depends on external appliances and software to provide security.
C.    ACI provides a stateless whitelist approach for all traffic in the fabric.
D.    ACI allows for easy integration of external stateful physical and virtual security devices into the fabric.

Answer: CD

Which three options are attributes of an ACI fabric? (Choose three.)

A.    It is built on a spine-leaf architecture.
B.    It uses FabricPath to enable the overlay architecture.
C.    It supports external network devices that are connected to the ACI baby spines.
D.    It encapsulates every packet that traverses the fabric using VXLAN.
E.    It integrates with existing networks through standards-based Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols.
F.    Leaf switches manage the forwarding tables.
G.    Spine switches manage the policy enforcement.

Answer: ADE

For which ACI constructs are health scores calculated?

A.    bridge domains
B.    service graphs
C.    contracts
D.    filters
E.    service device clusters

Answer: A

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