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[Full Version] 700-270 Exam Dumps Free Download In Lead2pass 100% 700-270 Exam Questions (11-20)

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Which Cisco ASA model provides integrated wireless access-point capabilities that are ideal for branch offices’?

A.    Cisco ASA 55010W-X
B.    Cisco ASA 5507W-X
C.    Cisco ASA 5505W-X
D.    Cisco ASA 5506W-X

Answer: D

NGIPS rulesets are configured using which management application?

A.    FireSIGHT Management Center
B.    Cisco IDM
C.    Cisco IME
D.    Cisco ASDM

Answer: A

What is the minimum Cisco ASA software version that is required to support FirePOWER services?

A.    9.1.2
B.    8.6
C.    9.2.2
D.    9.4

Answer: C

Which FirePOWER services capability supports seamless processing after an adaptive security appliance stateful failover event?

A.    midsession pickup
B.    TCP intercept
C.    SFR stateful failover
D.    FireSIGHT central policy distribution

Answer: A

What does the NSS Labs Next Generation Firewall Security Value Map measure?

A.    security effectiveness versus total cost of ownership
B.    security effectiveness versus total system downtime
C.    total cost of ownership versus advertised maximum throughput
D.    security effectiveness versus advertised maximum throughput

Answer: A

Which enhancement is added to URL filtering that is performed by the FirePOWER services module?

A.    categories
B.    reputation scores
C.    regular expressions
D.    IP address filters

Answer: B

Which three features are considered next-generation firewall capabilities? (Choose three)

A.    external intelligence to enhance controls
B.    application visibility and control
C.    NAT
D.    identity-based controls
E.    VPN
F.    RFC-based inspection

Answer: BCE

Which two guidelines are important when showing proof of value using Cisco dCloud? (Choose two.)

A.    Have demonstration screens open and prepopulated with data
B.    Prepare primary customer takeaways
C.    Ensure that the correct software versions are installed on demonstration equipment.
D.    Ensure that the customer has Cisco SIO cloud access.
E.    Install FireSIGHT Management Center on a demonstration workstation

Answer: AB

Where are files that are awaiting a disposition check held during file analysis?

A.    cloud-based, company-specific repository
B.    cloud-based sandbox
C.    Cisco ASA SSD drive
D.    isolated VLAN

Answer: B

Which application is required to support adding user information from Microsoft Active Directory to FirePOWER events?

A.    Cisco ASA Identity Firewall
B.    Microsoft Active Directory Agent
C.    Cisco Directory Agent
D.    Sourcefire User Agent

Answer: D

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