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[Full Version] 700-270 Exam Dumps Free Download In Lead2pass 100% 700-270 Exam Questions (41-50)

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In recent years, many people choose to take Cisco 700-270 certification exam which can make you get the Cisco certificate and that is the passport to get a better job and get promotions. How to prepare for Cisco 700-270 exam and get the certificate? Please refer to Cisco 700-270 exam questions and answers on Lead2pass.

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Which product provides zone-based and policy-driven security via a virtual firewall?

A.    Cisco Virtual Security Gateway
B.    Cisco ASA 5505v
C.    Cisco Nexus 1000V
D.    IPS sensor

Answer: A

Which option best describes the role of an loC?

A.    tags on a host that indicate that an infection event has occurred
B.    statically assigned target values on a host
C.    a flag that indicates that a host operating system needs patching
D.    an impact flag of an infection event

Answer: A

What are two benefits that are provided by file trajectory services? (Choose two)

A.    identifies malware point of entry
B.    highlights attack propagation paths
C.    provides endpoint operating system patches
D.    publishes malware gateways on a blacklist
E.    pushes personal firewall updates to endpoints

Answer: AB

What is the level of granularity that is supported by application visibility and control?

A.    filtering of instant messaging within an HTTP packet
B.    filtering by TCP/UDP ports
C.    filtering by IP address
D.    filtering of HTTP packets

Answer: B

Which recommendation should be made to increase scalability, performance, and resiliency?

A.    Create a Cisco ASA failover pair.
B.    Upgrade the current Cisco ASA
C.    Upgrade from the FirePOWER software module to the hardware module
D.    Deploy Cisco ASA clustering.

Answer: D

Which AMP feature provides continuous analysis capabilities?

A.    retrospection
B.    file reputation
C.    file analysis
D.    sandboxing

Answer: A

File trajectory services are configured using which management application?

A.    Cisco Prime Infrastructure
B.    Cisco Security Manager
C.    Cisco ASDM
D.    FireSIGHT Management Center

Answer: D

Which version of AMP is available on the Cisco ASA with FirePOWER services module?

A.    network
B.    content
C.    endpoint
D.    applications

Answer: A

What are the two requirements for conducting a customer on-site evaluation? (Choose two.)

A.    FirePOWER services module deployed in monitor-only mode
B.    access to Cisco dCloud
C.    FirePOWER services module deployed in inline mode
D.    switch with a SPAN port
E.    switch with SVI in the same subnet as the adaptive security appliance

Answer: AB

Which type of Cisco services offering is aimed at helping customers to plan and upgrade new FirePOWER deployments?

A.    Cisco Advanced Services
B.    Cisco Managed Services
C.    Cisco SMARTnet
D.    Cisco Migration Services

Answer: D

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