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[Full Version] 700-281 New Questions Free Download In Lead2pass (41-50)

2016 December Cisco Official New Released 700-281 Dumps in Lead2pass.com!

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Since I recently passed the the Cisco 700-281 exam, it’s time for me to share the Lead2pass exam dumps I used when preparing for this exam.

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Which statement is false?

A.    Custom URL categories cannot contain IP addresses.
B.    Custom URL categories cannot override predefined URL categories
C.    Custom URL categories can contain domain names.
D.    Custom URL categories can use regular expressions.

Answer: A

Which statement about WSA user authentication is true?

A.    A single WSA can have up to two authentication realms: one for LDAP and one for NTLM
B.    WSA supports LDAP but not NTLM.
C.    WSA supports NTLM but not LDAP.
D.    A single WSA can have multiple LDAP realms.

Answer: D

What is a benefit of NTLMSSP over basic authentication?

A.    Basic cannot be used in transparent proxy mode.
B.    NTLMSSP is compatible with OpenLDAP.
C.    NTLMSSP is more secure than basic.
D.    Basic requires reauthentication with every new domain

Answer: C

What is the S-Series Proxy Bypass List?

A.    a list of clients and destinations that will bypass the proxy in explicit forward mode
B.    a list of clients and destinations that will bypass the proxy in transparent mode
C.    a list of user agents exempt from authentication
D.    a list of proxy servers that are to be bypassed

Answer: B

Which CLI command is used to create a W3C log?

A.    mklogfiie
B.    advancedproxyconfig
C.    makelog
D.    logconfig
E.    w3clogconfig

Answer: D

Bandwidth limits cannot be:

A.    overall
B.    per (LDAP) group
C.    per user

Answer: B

Which statement about the DVS engine is true?

A.    The DVS engine can use Webroot and McAfee scanning in parallel
B.    The DVS engine never inspects the client HTTP request.
C.    The DVS engine generates the WBRS.
D.    The DVS engine is only used for Layer 4 traffic monitoring.

Answer: A

Which sites does WBRS block by default?

A.    those with a reputation score equal to or less than -6
B.    those with a reputation score less than -6
C.    those with a reputation score greater than 6
D.    those with a reputation score less than -5.9
E.    those with a reputation score equal to or less than -5.9

Answer: A

TRR and TRT are associated with which WSA component?

A.    L4TM
B.    Anti-Malware
C.    URL Filters
D.    Web Reputation

Answer: B

In AsyncOS 7.0 for web the choice of Authentication Surrogate is?

A.    Defined separately for each Identity
B.    A global setting
C.    Defined separately for each Access Policy
D.    Defined separately for each malware engine

Answer: A

I hope Lead2pass exam questions from the Cisco 700-281 exam helps you pass the exam and earn your Cisco certification! Happy Studying!

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