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[Full Version] Easily Pass 200-401 Exam With Lead2pass Updated Cisco 200-401 Dumps (1-10)

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According to the Purdue Reference Model, at which layer would you perform manufacturing operations and control?

A.    Level 0
B.    Level 1
C.    Level 2
D.    Level 3
E.    Level 4

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. CCNA.com has the industrial network shown in the exhibit. All switches are configured as layer 2 switches and are using VLAN 1 as their management VLAN. Each VLAN 1 interface has been assigned the correct IP address. What is the purpose of assigning a default gateway to SW-C switch?

A.    allows connectivity between the VLAN 1 interface on SW-C and other devices in the network.
B.    allows connectivity between Host A and other devices in the network.
C.    allows connectivity between Host B and other devices in the network.
D.    allows the switch to pass traffic between Host A and Host B

Answer: A

What should be done with unused conductors in copper unshielded or shielded twisted-pair network cables?

A.    terminate in their characteristic impedance
B.    trim back and properly insulate
C.    connect to protective earth
D.    splice to a used conductor

Answer: A

Which option best describes a mechanical, ingress, climatic, chemical and electromagnetic environment that is classified as M3 I3 C3 E3?

A.    the highest quality
B.    office environment
C.    severe
D.    serviced by multiple cable segments

Answer: C

With what are APC connectors used?

A.    Category 6a cables that need tight radius bends
B.    copper network cables in corrosive environments
C.    single-mode fiber-optic cables to reduce return loss
D.    high-density copper patch panels

Answer: C

Which characteristic causes multimode fiber-optic cable to differ from single mode?

A.    by allowing multiple network services in the same cable
B.    shorter maximum network segment length for a given bandwidth
C.    a wider variety of available connector types
D.    use outdoors as well as indoors

Answer: B

For which three issues should fiber-optic network segments be tested? (Choose three.)

A.    attenuation
B.    near-end crosstalk
C.    length
D.    polarity
E.    jitter
F.    tensile stress

Answer: ACD

An Ethernet cable is attached to a PC NIC and then attached to a switch port. The PC power is turned on and the switch port link LED turns green. The link light indicates what two conditions? (Choose two.)

A.    Layer 2 communication has been established between the PC and switch.
B.    The PC has received a DHCP address.
C.    Traffic is being sent from the switch to the PC.
D.    If flashing, the green LED indicates port speed of 100 Mb/s.
E.    The Layer 1 media is functioning between the PC and switch.
F.    The switch port is functioning as a half-duplex connection.

Answer: AE

At which Layer would you check ACLs for TCP ports being blocked?

A.    Layer 1
B.    Layer 2
C.    Layer 3
D.    Layer 4

Answer: D

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