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[Full Version] Lead2pass 500-205 Exam Questions Free Download (31-40)

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In which three modes of operation can NCS 2000 100G+ coherent line cards operate? (Choose three.)

A.    transponder
B.    amplifier
C.    trunk using a separate client card
D.    regenerator
E.    encryptor
F.    dispersion compensator

Answer: ACD

Which modulation format does the NCS 2000 200G WDM line card use for 200G transmission?

A.    QPSK
B.    BPSK
C.    16QAM
D.    OFDM

Answer: C

Which two types of 100G router interface does pre-FEC proactive protection work on? (Choose two.)

A.    IP-over-DWDM
B.    gray plus transponder
C.    Packet-over-SONET

Answer: AB

Which type of forward error correction does the 200G WDM line card for the NCS 2000 use to achieve maximum distance?

A.    hard-decision FEC
B.    generic FEC
C.    quadrature amplitude FEC
D.    soft-decision FEC

Answer: D

Which three options are chassis variations of the NCS 4000 family? (Choose three.)

A.    NCS 4016
B.    NCS 4006
C.    NCS 4009
D.    NCS 4001
E.    NCS 4022
F.    NCS 5016

Answer: ACD

Which technology does the Cisco CPAK use to achieve its low power and small size?

A.    indium phosphide
B.    CMOS photonics
C.    gallium arsenide
D.    erbium-doped fiber

Answer: B

Wavelength Switched Optical Network brings knowledge of which two features to GMPLS? (Choose two.)

A.    channel impairments
B.    packet interface utilization
C.    interface requirements
D.    power consumption

Answer: AC

Which technology allows the NCS 4000 to switch OTN and packet traffic simultaneously?

A.    hypervisor
B.    agnostic fabric
C.    multichassis
D.    CPAK

Answer: B

Which type of redundancy configuration can fabric cards be configured in on the NCS 4016 and 4009 platforms?

A.    2+2
B.    3+1
C.    no redundancy
D.    multichassis

Answer: B

What are 12 CXP ports used for on the NCS 4016 fabric card?

A.    100 Gigabit Ethernet clients
B.    multichassis configurations
C.    DWDM wavelengths
D.    chassis management

Answer: B

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