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[Full Version] Official 210-455 Exam Preparation Download From Lead2pass (106-115)

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In which situation does it make sense to deploy an application container using Cisco VACS?

A.    The development team is leveraging Docker for application mobility
B.    The helpdesk is burdened by calls from developers about VM creation
C.    All traffic destined for ERP servers must be firewalled.
D.    All VMs must be deployed from an orchestration interface.
E.    A virtual router and firewall are needed for application deployment.

Answer: A

A cloud engineer intends to deploy a new action that requires web, application and database tiers.
Which option is an advantage of using Cisco Prime Service Catalog stack designer instead of Cisco UCS Director catalog items?

A.    CSR and VSG can be automatically deployed between tiers
B.    Automation software creates the required virtual machines
C.    The database installation can be automated though Cisco Puppet integration
D.    New datastores can be attached to the hypervisors.

Answer: D

What happens if a user is associated with multiple roles in Cisco UCS Director?

A.    The permissions from all roles are granted.
B.    Only the permissions from the default role are granted.
C.    Permissions are granted to ail specified rotes.
D.    Only the permissions from the base role are granted.

Answer: C

Which two are correct methods to execute a workflow in UCS Director Orchestratcr? (Choose two.)

A.    creating a service request
B.    using the Revert Now action
C.    using Validation
D.    using script automation
E.    using the Run Now action
F.    using VM Action policy

Answer: AF

An engineer has found that dynamic email reporting from Cisco UCS Director is fading Which two problems cause this issue? (Choose two )

A.    The IP address of the SMTP server was specified instead of the hostname.
B.    An intermediary firewall is blocking port 25.
C.    A test email was never sent after the initial configuration.
D.    The wrong email sender address has been specified. The DNS server address has not been configured.

Answer: AD

Which three steps are necessary when configuring a Nexus 1000V switch for use with Microsoft Hyper-V? (Choose three )

A.    Create a broadcast network
B.    Create a catalog and a complete logical network
C.    Create a logical network
D.    Create a network segment pool and associate the network segment pool to the logical network
E.    Create catalog and configure IP address management.
F.    Create an IP pool template.

Answer: CDE

An engineer is configuring a template in CloudSense Report Builder for NetApp Storage Physical Accounts and must show all of the information in snapshots.
Which three components are represented in the report? (Choose three )

A.    Aggregates Free vs Used
B.    Volume Allocation
C.    Filer v Volumes Total vs Used
D.    SVM
E.    Disk

Answer: CDE

An engineer must build a cost model and must consider OpEx costs.
Which two expenditures fall under OpEx expenditures? (Choose two )

A.    accounting fees
B.    racks, cables, and installation
C.    facility construction or acquisition
D.    network peripherals
E.    payroll
F.    server, network and storage hardware

Answer: AB

What are two default options when ordering new services from Prime Service Catalog’? (Choose two )

A.    request a quote
B.    submit for authorization
C.    order for others
D.    order
E.    order for a later date

Answer: BD

An engineer is recording debug logs for Cisco UCS Director.
What is the maximum recordable time?

A.    1 minute
B.    30 minutes
C.    1 hour
D.    24 hours

Answer: B

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