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Latest Symantec ASC-066 Dumps and Practice Tests PDF&OVCE

Vendor: Symantec
Exam Code: ASC-066
Exam Name: ASC Endpoint Management Assessment

If a consultant fails to identify who will be responsible for post-engagement technical support, who will end up being responsible?
A.    the consultant
B.    Symantec Support
C.    the customer
D.    the project manager

Answer: A

What should a consultant recommend to a customer as a post-engagement service offering?

A.    ongoing tech support
B.    additional licenses
C.    new hardware and software
D.    six month health check

Answer: D

Which critical engagement meeting ensures all stakeholders have the same expectations of the goals and deliverables of the project?

A.    Customer Needs Assessment Meeting
B.    Customer Engagement Planning Meeting
C.    Business Requirements Meeting
D.    Project Kick-off Meeting

Answer: B

When identifying risks, an administrator should prioritize them according to what? (Select two.)

A.    likelihood of occurrence
B.    order of occurrence
C.    level of inconvenience to the customer
D.    impact to the project
E.    visibility to senior management

Answer: AD

Before going to a customer site for solution deployment, what should a consultant check for?

A.    places to stay and eat
B.    product updates
C.    competitive products
D.    customer’s competition

Answer: B

What are two benefits of using Symantec’s Service Delivery Methodology? (Select two.)

A.    reduces the risk of project scope creep
B.    minimizes project risk
C.    provides proven delivery methodology
D.    uses industry best practices
E.    increases customer satisfaction

Answer: CD

What is the Notification Server the primary component of?

A.    SIM
B.    SAM
C.    Deployment Server
D.    Symantec Management Platform

Answer: D

Which two items can be stored in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)? (Select two.)

A.    information related to the configuration of managed computers
B.    an inventory of installed applications on managed computers
C.    physical software packages to install applications on managed computers
D.    Symantec Management Platform core web application settings
E.    settings and configurations for the ASP.NET web application

Answer: AB

What is the primary goal of the assessment phase of the Client Management Suite service?

A.    Determine solution requirements and expectations of all stakeholders within the project.
B.    Determine the solution configuration of all components.
C.    Define the solution architecture and provide hardware and software requirements.
D.    Define the solution workflow in order to design the solution configuration.

Answer: A

Which SMP component is used to move processing off of the Notification Server?

A.    Package Server
B.    Task Server
C.    Site Server
D.    PXE Server

Answer: C

What is a Site Server?

A.    any computer with a site service installed on it
B.    any computer with software packages stored on it
C.    any Notification Server assigned to be in a site
D.    any server that is assigned to be in a site

Answer: A

What is the primary purpose of Site Services?

A.    decentralized administration
B.    centralized administration
C.    minimize WAN utilization
D.    increase agent to Notification Server communications

Answer: C

Which two statements are correct when determining Notification Server hardware requirements? (Select two.)

A.    Hardware specification is directly proportional to the number of managed endpoints.
B.    Optimizing individual solutions can decrease the supported managed endpoints.
C.    Number of utilized solutions affects the maximum supported endpoint count.
D.    MS SQL installed on the Notification Server increases the maximum supported endpoint count.
E.    Placing site servers in the environment decreases the supported managed endpoints on a Notification Server.

Answer: AC

Which two factors can influence overall Client Management Suite design? (Select two.)

A.    network bandwidth and topology
B.    managed node count
C.    Notification Server service pack version
D.    change control process
E.    database maintenance schedules

Answer: AB

Which two duties are performed by Site Servers? (Select two.)

A.    move policies and tasks closer to their points of distribution
B.    move network-intensive services closer to their points of distribution
C.    move software and clients to the distribution pool
D.    move memory intensive services to a different site
E.    move processor-intensive services off of the Notification Server

Answer: BE

Which two items should be associated with a site when configuring sites on the Notification Server? (Select two.)

A.    site services
B.    clients
C.    subnets
D.    Notification Server
E.    multi-cast addresses

Answer: AC

How are console permissions assigned to resources on the Notification Server?

A.    Security Accounts Management (SAM)
B.    Organizational Views and Groups
C.    Access Control Lists (ACL)
D.    Filters and Targets

Answer: B

What is an organizational view?

A.    a hierarchical grouping of resources
B.    a hierarchical list of user permissions
C.    a customized set of folders, item links, and web links
D.    a set of reports organized by computers and users

Answer: A

What is an organizational group?

A.    an object that contains resources and other organizational groups
B.    a list of users with a given set of permissions and privileges
C.    a customized set of folders, item links, and web links
D.    a report showing a selected organization of computers and users

Answer: A

How is resource scoping implemented?

A.    by including the appropriate filters and organizational views and groups in a target’s rules
B.    by granting the permissions to appropriate organizational views and groups to a security role
C.    by replacing the filters and organizational views and groups in a target with appropriate secure collections
D.    by creating multiple organizational views and groups, each containing the appropriate subset of resources

Answer: B

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