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OFFER ISEB BH0-011 PDF and VCE Free Download

Vendor: ISEB
Exam Code: BH0-011
Exam Name: BCS Intermediate certificate in EU Code of Conduct for Data

Why has the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres been developed?

A.    Because data centres are using an increasing amount of power and they need to maximise their efficiency to reduce their impact on the power infrastructure.
B.    Because the power consumption of data centres across Europe as a whole needs to fall to meet agreed C02 targets.
C.    Because many data centres have outdated designs which focus on perceived reliability at the expense of cost and energy efficiency.
D.    Because the energy consumption of data centres has become a significant business cost.
E.    Because the United States (US) has taken a significant lead in energy conservation and EU- based data centres need a code of conduct to compete in a global marketplace.
F.    a, b, c and d
G.    a, c and d
H.    b and e
I.    e only

Answer: B

Which of the following BEST define the aims of the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres?

A.    To determine and accelerate the application of energy efficient technologies.
B.    Develop practical voluntary commitments which when implemented improve the energy efficiency of data centres and in so doing minimise the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
C.    To develop and promote a set of easily understood metrics to measure the current efficiencies and subsequent improvement.
D.    To encourage the closure of data centres that are less energy efficient.
E.    To ensure that the EU is visibly taking a lead in this important area of energy conservation.
F.    a, b, c and d
G.    d and e
H.    a, b and c
I.    e only

Answer: C

A facility’s ‘IT load’, as defined by the Code of Conduct, includes the power drawn by which of the following?

A.    The Power Distribution Units feeding the racks
B.    Servers
C.    Firewalls
D.    Switches
E.    Tape libraries
F.    b, c. d and e
G.    a, d and e
H.    b and c
I.    b. c and d

Answer: A

‘Facility load’, as defined by the Code of Conduct, includes the power drawn by which of the following?

A.    The UPS.
B.    Lighting.
C.    Air-conditioning units.
D.    Monitors housed in racks.
E.    Tape libraries
F.    a, b, and c
G.    a and d
H.    b and c
I.    d, and e

Answer: A

The numerical value associated with each Best Practice is shown for the following reason:

A.    To allow operators to add up their total score in order that they can be compared with their competitors.
B.    To allow the Code of Conduct administrators to properly assess each application.
C.    To provide an independent scorecard for data centre owners.
D.    To indicate the level of benefit from carrying out a Best Practice.

Answer: D


Which of the following actions should you carry out immediately in your facility, according to the Code of Conduct?

A.    Remove underfloor cabling and place this in overhead trays.
B.    Install draught excluders in the bottom of all racks.
C.    Install blanking plates between each piece of equipment in each rack.
D.    Make sure all your racks are configured on a Hot Aisle\Cold Aisle basis.
E.    Replace any solid rack doors with perforated doors.
F.    c and d
G.    c only
H.    a. b. c. and e
I.    a. c and d

Answer: B


As part of your role as Green IT evangelist Product Management have asked for your input on the next generation of IT equipment to be supported in your company’s facility. What should you advise?

A.    The energy efficiency of the IT equipment should be the only priority
B.    The energy efficiency and the form factor should be the main priorities
C.    Only IT equipment with good SPEC Power ratings should be used
D.    The energy efficiency of the IT equipment should be a high priority

Answer: D


One of the first actions you have undertaken is an audit of your facility and you find that there are a group of servers that are powered on. After repeated company-wide emails asking for information, these servers appear to have no owners within the business. What is the BEST course of action?

A.    Monitor their power usage.
B.    Virtualise the applications hosted on the servers and shrink their footprint.
C.    Move the servers to your DR facility.
D.    Inform all stakeholders throughout the organisation that you will be removing the equipment.

Answer: D

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