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Passed Avaya 6201 Exam with Pass4sure and Lead2pass PDF & VCE

Vendor: Avaya
Exam Code: 6201
Exam Name: Avaya Aura Call Center Elite and Avaya Call Management System Implementation Exam

Agent 20042, a scenario mortgage specialist, is assigned 5 skills.
Which two ways can the agentidentify the type of call that being delivered? (Choose two.)

A.    by the Skill whisper announcementbefore call: is delivered
B.    by the flashing skill button on the telephone set
C.    by the VDN of Origin announcement before call is delivered
D.    by the telephone display (a = Originator Name to VDN)

Answer: CD

A customer has 4 ACDs created on the CMS and requests changes on the communication link settings for the ACD 1.
How is this accomplished?

A.    cmssvc turn cms off but leave ids on; cm-save delete AC01; cmsscreate ACD1 with new options.
B.    All changes are made inthe CM using the change cam proc screen
C.    cmssvcturn cms off but leave idson,emssve switch setup; make needed changed to ACD 1
D.    emssve change authorizations; make needed changes to authorization

Answer: C

In which communication method form is the Call Distribution Method (far example, Expert agent Distribution Last Occupied Agent)

A.    Agent Login ID farm
B.    Hunt Group farm
C.    VDN farm
D.    Vector farm

Answer: C

In an active Expert Agent Selection (EAS) environment, what is each hunt group known as?

A.    Agent
B.    Skill
C.    Split
D.    Vector

Answer: B

CMS Supervisor user forgot their password. What must he do to reset a password in CMS?

A.    Perform a manual login from CMS Supervisor and execute the passwd command for that user.
B.    Log in as a CMS administrative user and execute the paaswd command for that user.
C.    Write permission to the System Setup feature and write permission toUNIX.
D.    Log in as root and execute the password command for that user.

Answer: D

Which communication manager option on the communication manager gives the customer call centre capabilities?

A.    Expert Agent Selection (EAS)
B.    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
C.    BestService Routing (BSR)
D.    Least Occupied Agent (LOA)

Answer: B

Which application or menu can be used for creating an ACD on CMS?

A.    cms adm
B.    cmssvc
C.    CMS-Supervisor
D.    CMS-Terminal

Answer: C

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