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[PDF&VCE] Free Downloading C_TFIN22_66 Exam Dumps PDF From Lead2pass (1-10)

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Which of the following is an application of reference and simulation costing?

A.    To update the standard price of a reference material.
B.    To calculate a simulated product without material master
C.    To calculate a price for an internal activity.
D.    To create a material costing for simulation purposes.

Answer: B

A customer uses assessment cycles in cost center accounting.
How can the customer see the results on the profit centers in New GL?

A.    By activating plan integration for profit centers.
B.    By activating the real-time reconciliation between CO and FI.
C.    By activating document split for cost centers in New GL.
D.    By defining and execute the equivalent cycles in the New GL.

Answer: B

A customer wants to define some fields as mandatory in an internal order.
How can the customer achieve this?

A.    By adjusting the field selection in the order type.
B.    By defining an appropriate selection variant.
C.    By indicating the fields as mandatory in the model order.
D.    By adjusting the field status variant.

Answer: A

A customer allocates a variety of cost elements from many cost centers to others by distribution cycles.
The customer complains about the long duration and runtime.
What do you recommend to shorten the runtime?(Choose two)

A.    Use cycle run groups for parallel processing.
B.    Use iteration within the cycles.
C.    Use assessment instead of distribution.
D.    Use an allocation structure within the distribution cycles.

Answer: AC

When do you calculate variances for a production order with order controlling?

A.    At the end of each period, independent of the order status.
B.    After the final delivery of the production order.
C.    After the first partial delivery of the production order.
D.    After the final confirmation for the last operation.

Answer: B

Which SAP Solution Manger Service Desk interfaces are available?(Choose three)

A.    SAP Solution Manager Trace Analysis
B.    SAP global support backbone
C.    Managed SAP systems
D.    SAP NetWeaver Administration (NWA)
E.    Third-party service desk tool

Answer: BCE

Which data do you need to set up an accrual calculation with the percentage method?(Choose two)

A.    Accrual settlement rules with percentage method.
B.    Secondary cost element (category 31) as accrual cost element.
C.    Primary cost element (category 3) as accrual cost element.
D.    Accrual allocation cycle with sender receiver segments.
E.    Cost center or internal order (order category 2) as credit object.

Answer: CE

You are creating an Fl posting in classic GL with assignment to a CO object?

A.    The posting will only be posted to the original assigned CO object.
B.    The posting will be assigned to the top node of the profit center standard hierarchy.
C.    The posting will be assigned to the dummy profit center.
D.    The posting cannot be saved.

Answer: C

What is the maximum number of function modules you can assign to a single follow-up action for the usage decision in the Implementation Guide (IMG)?

A.    Zero
B.    Ninety-nine
C.    Unlimited
D.    One

Answer: B

The purpose of SAP Solution Manager is to smoothly integrate various SAP solutions to achieve which of the following? (Choose four)

A.    Faster internet access
B.    Optimal access to support
C.    Faster issue resolution
D.    Faster implementation
E.    Optimal support for operations

Answer: BCDE

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