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[PDF&VCE] Free Lead2pass SAP C_TSCM52_67 VCE And PDF Instant Download (51-60)

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Which print parameter can you choose for a message type in Purchasing?

A.    Plant
B.    Purchasing Organization
C.    Purchasing Group
D.    User Group

Answer: C

Which rule can you select in account determination for the offsetting entry for inventory posting (transaction key GBB)? (Choose three)

A.    Chart of accounts
B.    General modification
C.    Valuation type
D.    Debit/Credit
E.    Valuation modification

Answer: BDE

For invoices without a purchase order reference in Logistics Invoice Verification the header data is filled with the document date and the invoice amount.
Which additional fields must you fill in the header data? (Choose three)

A.    Invoicing party in the tab Details
B.    Baseline payment date in the tab Payment
C.    Payment terms in the tab Payment
D.    Tax code in the tab Tax
E.    Currency in the tab Basic data

Answer: ABE

You send material to a subcontractor by posting a goods issue from the Stock Monitoring List for Subcontractors.
Where will you find the posted quantity afterwards in Inventory Management?

A.    In a special stock, at the plant level from which the goods issue was posted
B.    In the consumption values of the material master as consumed quantity
C.    In a separate storage location
D.    In a special stock, at the storage location level from which the goods issue was posted

Answer: A

What information can you specify in a quota arrangement? (Choose two)

A.    An outline agreement number for external procurement requirements
B.    An info record number for external procurement requirements
C.    A procurement type for each source
D.    A quota you want to assign to the source

Answer: CD

What controls the field selection of purchase requisitions?

A.    Document type
B.    Plant
C.    Material group
D.    Purchasing organization

Answer: A

In which of the following cases is the goods receipt always posted as non-valuated? (Choose two)

A.    Goods receipt to blocked stock (movement type 101)
B.    Goods receipt to GR blocked stock (movement type 103)
C.    Goods receipt for a free-of-charge delivery (movement type 511)
D.    Goods receipt to consignment stock (movement type 101)

Answer: BD

For which of the following goods issues in the standard SAP system is consumption NOT updated in the material master?

A.    Goods issue for sales order
B.    Goods issue to cost center
C.    Goods issue for scrapping
D.    Goods issue for order

Answer: C

What characterizes an item category in purchasing?

A.    The item category you can select in a purchasing document item depends on the account assignment category.
B.    The item category you can select in a purchasing document item depends on the order type.
C.    You can assign a field selection key to an item category in Customizing.
D.    The indicators for goods receipt and invoice receipt can be changed for an item category in Customizing.

Answer: B

Which of the following are characteristics of item category L? (Choose two)

A.    Subcontracting orders must have a material number.
B.    The goods receipt for a subcontracting order must always be posted as valuated.
C.    An invoice receipt can be posted for subcontracting orders.
D.    Subcontracting orders must have an account assignment cost center (K).

Answer: BC

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