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[PDF&VCE] Free Lead2pass SAP C_TSCM52_67 VCE And PDF Instant Download (91-100)

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At what level can you set quantity and value updating on a material type?

A.    Plant
B.    Company code
C.    Valuation area
D.    Procurement type

Answer: C

You procure a material using the "Consignment" process. You want to ensure that purchase requisitions with the "Consignment" item category are generated automatically for requirements in requirements planning. Which of the following settings allows you to do this? (Choose two.)

A.    Enter "Consignment" as the special procurement type in the material master record.
B.    Create a consignment info record for the relevant material and enter it as a fixed source of supply in the source list.
C.    Activate the quota arrangement for the relevant material and create a quota arrangement item using "Consignment" as the special procurement type.
D.    Create a consignment info record for the relevant material and select the "Regular Vendor" indicator in the record.

Answer: AC

Your company manages stock of various advertising articles on a quantity and value basis. In the future, you want to analyze the value of these advertising articles. Unfortunately, the articles have been created with different material types, material groups, valuation classes, and in different number range intervals. For this reason, you want to change the assignments. Which of the following changes are possible, even if stock exists for the articles?

A.    You create a new material group and then change the material group of the advertising articles to the new material group.
B.    You create a new material type and then change the material type of the advertising articles to the new material type.
C.    You create a new valuation class and then change the valuation class of the advertising articles to the new valuation class.
D.    You create a new number range interval and then change the material numbers of the advertising articles to a number in the new number range interval.

Answer: A

Before deliveries arrive from certain vendors, you want to be informed of the delivery date and quantity. To do this, you use a confirmation control key. Which of the following settings can you define in a confirmation control key?

A.    Only the confirmed quantity can be posted when the goods are received.
B.    Confirmations must be transmitted electronically.
C.    The goods receipt can be posted no earlier than the confirmed delivery date.
D.    The full confirmed quantity must be entered in one posting in the system.

Answer: A

For a material without a material master record, a source of supply is to be found when a purchase requisition is created. You request 10 pallets of copier paper belonging to material group 4711. Which of the following sources of supply is proposed by the system?

A.    Value contract with item category W (material group) for articles of material group 4711
B.    Value contract for material 4711
C.    SRM central contract with item category M (material unknown) for 100 tons of copier paper of material group 4711
D.    Quantity contract for over 500 pallets of copier paper for a stock material that belongs to material group 4711

Answer: A

From which stock type can goods issues to cost centers be posted?

A.    Non-valuated blocked stock
B.    Valuated blocked stock
C.    Quality inspection stock
D.    Unrestricted-use stock

Answer: D

What is mandatory in a purchase order for a non-valuated material?

A.    Set the indicator for goods receipt.
B.    Select an account assignment category and assign an account assignment object.
C.    Set the indicator for non-valuated goods receipts.
D.    Set the indicator for invoice receipt.

Answer: B

Which of the following elements belong to warehouse stock available for MRP in net requirement calculation? (Choose three.)

A.    Warehouse stock
B.    On-order stock
C.    Reorder point
D.    Non-valuated goods receipt blocked stock
E.    Fixed purchase requisitions

Answer: ABE

You want to post a goods issue from stock in quality inspection. In which of the following cases is this possible? (Choose two.)

A.    Withdrawal for scrapping
B.    Withdrawal for inspection sample
C.    Withdrawal for a reservation
D.    Withdrawal for a cost center

Answer: AB

In which of the following cases is the goods receipt always posted as non-valuated?

A.    Goods receipt for initial stock entry
B.    Goods receipt to the stock of material provided to vendor
C.    Goods receipt for a free-of-charge delivery
D.    Goods receipt to the consignment stock

Answer: D

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