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[PDF&VCE] Free Lead2pass SAP C_TSCM62_66 PDF Exam Questions And Answers Download (81-90)

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Which of the following statements regarding the bills of material (BOM) in the sales order are correct? (Choose two)

A.    Bills of material are maintained as master data.
The bill of material is flagged as "BOM usage sales and distribution".
B.    The depth of the explosion of bills of material in the sales document is controlled by specifying the explosion level in the master record for the bill of material.
C.    The sales document type controls whether bills of material relevant to sales are to be exploded in the sales document or not.
D.    Bills of material are exploded in the sales document as main items and sub-items based on the configuration of the main item category.

Answer: AD

What is controlled by the configuration of the billing type?

A.    How account determination takes place
B.    Whether a billing plan is determined when using this billing type
C.    How the item category within the billing document is determined
D.    Whether order-related billing is supported when using this billing type

Answer: A

Your finance team wants sales revenues for customers of affiliated companies to be posted to a different sales revenue account in the general ledger.
Which of the following steps are required to allow this? (Choose three)

A.    Create an account condition master record for the customers of affiliated companies.
B.    Maintain the requested sales revenue account directly in the customer master record of the payer.
C.    Assign the affected sales revenue account to the key combination in Customizing that includes the account assignment group field.
D.    Assign an access that includes the account assignment group as a key field within the access sequence used for account determination.
E.    Assign the same predefined account assignment group to the customer master for all customers of affiliated companies.

Answer: CDE

Using rental contracts, which settings are mandatory for working with periodic billing? (Choose two)

A.    Maintenance of a factory calendar that is assigned to the customer master
B.    Assignment of a billing plan type to the item category of the rental contract item
C.    Maintenance of a separate billing type that is assigned to the sales document type of the rental contract
D.    Assignment of the respective billing relevance (order-relevant billing – billing plan) to the item category of the rental contract item

Answer: BD

After you have saved the billing document, the following message appears in the status bar: Document 90036111 saved (no accounting document generated).
What are the possible reasons why no accounting document has been created? (Choose two)

A.    A posting block was set for the billing document type.
This prevents the creation of the FI accounting documents.
However, controlling documents were generated.
B.    The reference number and assignment number differ.
Therefore, accounting documents
cannot be generated.
C.    In the billing type used, there is a configured posting block.
Therefore, the blocked billing document has to be released.
D.    The account determination cannot determine an account, or determines an account that cannot be posted to automatically.

Answer: CD

What is a prerequisite for using down payments in an integrated SD-FI down payment process?

A.    A sales order must be created with an installment plan that uses terms of payment to control the down payment.
B.    The requested down payment is determined as a separate item in the sales order by using item category determination.
C.    The standard billing type F2 must be used in the billing plan for the down payment.
D.    A sales order must be created with a milestone billing plan that contains the required down payment billing type and date.

Answer: D

In addition to the external balance sheet, you want to create an internal balance sheet based on additional criteria – particularly with regard to divisions.
How do you fulfill this requirement?

A.    Create business areas and use the condition technique for the determination logic.
B.    Create business areas and assign them directly to company codes.
C.    Create an additional company code that is flagged as relevant for the internal balance sheet.
D.    Create business areas and assignment rules to determine the particular business area.

Answer: D

Your customers submit payment for open accounts receivables by referring to the sales order document number, not the invoice number. Therefore, you maintain the Customizing settings so that the sales document number is transferred as the reference number in the FI accounting document.
What do you need to consider when transferring the sales order document number as a reference number to Financial Accounting (FI)?

A.    The sales revenues will be posted to a different account in FI when using the sales order number as the reference number.
B.    Using the sales order number as the reference number will lead to a posting block.
Billing documents will have to be released for transfer to FI.
C.    You have to maintain copy control entries from sales orders to billing documents in Customizing.
D.    Using the sales order number as a reference number could lead to an invoice split.

Answer: D

Which statements regarding the cancellation of billing documents are correct? (Choose two)

A.    During the cancellation process, a posting is made in Financial Accounting, but the system does not cancel the invoice.
B.    When saving the cancellation document, the corresponding posting is automatically executed in Financial Accounting.
C.    When creating the cancellation document, it is possible to change the pricing conditions.
D.    Only line items that are already cleared in Financial Accounting can be cancelled.
E.    The cancellation of a billing document leads to resetting the billing status of the originally billed delivery or sales order.

Answer: BE

A sales area consists of which of the following organizational units?

A.    Sales office, distribution channel, and division.
B.    Sales organization, shipping point, and plant.
C.    Sales organization, distribution channel, and division.
D.    Sales organization, distribution channel, and plant.

Answer: C

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