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[PDF&VCE] Lead2pass Provides Latest Exam 400-151 Dumps VCE For Free Downloading (71-80)

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Which three options are benefits of the VPC peers switch feature? (Choose 3)

A.    It eliminates the recommendation to pin the STP root to the Vpc primary switch
B.    It allows a pair of the vPC peer devices to appear as a single STP root in the layer 2
C.    After the peer link comes up, it performs an ARP bulk sync over CFSoE to the peer switch
D.    It improves convergences for layer 3 flows
E.    It simplifies STP configuration by configuration both Vpcs with the same STP priority

Answer: ABE

Which protocol is best suited for wireless communication in an IoT deployment where sensors only have a power generating element (and do not have a battery)?

A.    Bluetooth
B.    ZigBee
C.    WIFI
D.    3G/4G

Answer: B
ZigBee is low-power allowing battery-operated devices such as door and window sensors to operate for seven years. With the Green Power feature, you don’t need any batteries!

Which 3 statements about nxapi_auth are true? (Choose 3)

A.    NX-API performs authentication through a programmable authentication module on the switch. Using cookies reduces the Number of PAM authentication, which reduces the load on the PAM.
B.    Use of nxapi_auth is optimal. This feature can be disabled to reduced authentication time and to support large number of API calls
C.    After the first successful authentication, the username and password are NOT include in subsequent NX-API request that are sent to the device,
D.    Expiration time of the nxapi-auth cookes can be changed up to the max of 1200 seconds
E.    The nxapi-auth cookies expires in 600 seconds
F.    After the first successful authentication , the username and password are used with the session cookie to bypass performing the full authentication process again

Answer: AEF
NX-API supports HTTPS. All communication to the device is encrypted when you use HTTPS.
NX-API is integrated into the authentication system on the device. Users must have appropriate accounts to access the device through NX-API. NX-API uses HTTP basic authentication. All requests must contain the username and password in the HTTP header.
Note You should consider using HTTPS to secure your user’s login credentials.
You can enable NX-API by using the feature manager CLI command. NX-API is disabled by default.
NX-API provides a session-based cookie, nxapi_auth when users first successfully authenticate. With the session cookie, the username and password are included in all subsequent NX-API requests that are sent to the device. The username and password are used with the session cookie to bypass performing the full authentication process again. If the session cookie is not included with subsequent requests, another session cookie isrequired and is provided by the authentication process. Avoiding unnecessary use of the authentication process helps to reduce the workload on the device.
Note A nxapi_auth cookie expires in 600 seconds (10 minutes). This value is a fixed and cannot be adjusted.
NX-API performs authentication through a programmable authentication module (PAM) on the switch.
Use cookies to reduce the number of PAM authentications, which reduces the load on the PAM.

Which options list the contents of the NSH header in service chaining?

A.    base header, service path header, and context header
B.    network header, service header, and transport header
C.    Ethernet header, transport header, and application header
D.    Base header, transport header, and optional header

Answer: A

Which 2 statement about cisco UCS director API access key are true? (Choose 2)

A.    API access key is a shared secret that you must configure in Cisco UCS Director to enable REST API.
B.    API access key is a unique security access key code that is associated with a specific Cisco UCS Director user account
C.    API access key is unique for each API request
D.    API access key is required for Cisco UCS Director to authenticate API request

Answer: BD

Which 3 options are common PTP device types? (Choose 3)

A.    Crystal clock
B.    Ordinary clock
C.    Sundials
D.    Network clock
E.    Boundary clock
F.    Transparent clock

Answer: BEF

Refer to the exhibit. Which network script automation option or tool is used in the exhibit?

A.    Bach script
B.    Python
D.    REST
E.    Cisco EEM

Answer: B

Which 3 benefits do VXLANs offer to VLANs? (Choose 3)

A.    It provide better utilization of available paths in the overlay infrastructure
B.    VXLAN uses a 24-bit VNID to overcome the 4094 vlan scale limitation
C.    VXLAN uses a 16-bit VNID to overcome the 4094 vlan scale limitation
D.    It provide a solution to extent layer 2 segment over a single layer 2 VLAN
E.    It provides a solution to extent layer 2 segments over a shared layer 3 routed network
F.    It provides better utilization of available network paths in the underlay infrastructure

Answer: BEF
VXLAN Overview
As its name indicates, VXLAN is designed to provide the same Ethernet Layer 2 network services as VLAN does today, but with greater extensibility and flexibility. Compared to VLAN, VXLAN offers the following benefits:
●   Flexible placement of multitenant segments throughout the data center: It provides a solution to extend Layer 2 segments over the underlying shared network infrastructure so that tenant workload can be placed across physical pods in the data center.
●   Higher scalability to address more Layer 2 segments: VLANs use a 12-bit VLAN ID to address Layer 2 segments, which results in limiting scalability of only 4094 VLANs. VXLAN uses a 24-bit segment ID known as the VXLAN network identifier (VNID), which enables up to 16 million VXLAN segments to coexist in the same administrative domain.
●   Better utilization of available network paths in the underlying infrastructure: VLAN uses the Spanning Tree Protocol for loop prevention, which ends up not using half of the network links in a network by blocking redundant paths. In contrast, VXLAN packets are transferred through the underlying network based on its Layer 3 header and can take complete advantage of Layer 3 routing, equal-cost multipath (ECMP) routing, and link aggregation protocols to use all available paths.
VXLAN Encapsulation and Packet Format
VXLAN is a Layer 2 overlay scheme over a Layer 3 network. It uses MAC Address-in-User Datagram Protocol (MAC-in-UDP) encapsulation to provide a means to extend Layer 2 segments across the data center network. VXLAN is a solution to support a flexible, large-scale multitenant environment over a shared common physical infrastructure. The transport protocol over the physical data center network is IP plus UDP.

According to cisco, which 2 options are benefits of ITD compared to WCCP? (Choose 2)

A.    Require less TCAM entries
B.    Transparent for service mode
C.    Much less configuration
D.    Does not require authentication or certificates
E.    Weighted load distribution

Answer: AE

Refer to the exhibit. Your application has reduced health score. Upon inspection, you find fault that impacts the health score. The fault currently is the soaking lifecycle state.
Which 2 options are possible next steps while in this state? (Choose 2)

A.    The condition ceases by itself and goes into the soaking- cleaning state
B.    The soaking timer expires and moves to the Raised severity level
C.    Acknowledge the fault, which immediately clears it from the system
D.    The condition ceases by itself and automatically clears the fault

Answer: AB

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